Digital signage as student recruitment tool

We’ve come to expect digital signage in large public places, sporting venues, airport terminals, and of course, retail storefronts. Campuses, too, have long been using digital signage, but until now it has been only as a form of electronic bulletin board – a way to post notices.

However, as a few institutions are discovering, the integration of video into digital signage creates a dynamic medium with far greater potential.

What were once important but pedestrian messages, such as simple text and static visuals, become vivid and have far greater impact when video is incorporated. A performing arts event takes on new meaning. Highlights from a heated baseball season boost attendance at the upcoming game.

The significance of visiting guest lecturers is detailed in riveting, historic context. As a result, the occasional TV monitor hanging in a dormitory common area is now only the start of a sophisticated network at some colleges–ones that also feature large flat screens at stadiums, marquees on the outside of buildings, and more.

UC systems incorporating digital signage, video, and more allow for the delivery of different messages at different times and at different places.

Equally important, emergency notifications can be broadcast immediately throughout a campus. The same applies to the delivery of important breaking national and international news.

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