Digital signage as student recruitment tool

Digital signage on campus is also becoming interactive, with some colleges integrating social media such as their Facebook pages and Twitter handles, allowing students to provide comments from smart phones and laptops.

Students are responding to specific questions with valuable input and answering polls. Taking it one step further, some institutions are providing Quick Response codes, driving promotions to students with such things as discounted tickets and coupons for various stores.

Video driving student enrollment


The use of video within a UC strategy holds additional benefits as well. Institutions can extend their reach globally through distance learning, and with live streaming or on-demand video, enrollment can be significantly increased.

Tuition costs continue to rise and many students and families are seeking alternative ways to obtain a degree. Remote learning is allowing this to happen by offering courses online at less cost per credit hour, providing an education without the room/board and other expenses that accompany on-campus living.

Through video, a professor can teach a wider audience without greater effort, using assistants to facilitate remote students. On the heels of an economic recession, those institutions that fail to participate in distance learning will be left far behind.

There is a great deal more collaboration between higher education institutions these days, and a UC system incorporating video can facilitate this.

Community colleges can offer courses from other institutions using live or on-demand video. Professors are actually starting to syndicate lectures. Sister-universities overseas can enjoy tighter affiliation with and greater access to the courses and resources of their larger, more notable partners.

Not only is this happening at some institutions, it is beginning to move downstream with a few high schools and charter schools testing the waters.

Now, graduate students are also using video to share and build upon research.

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