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States are challenged to find assessments that present an accurate picture of student learning in order to direct resources to those who need them most, and an assessment can help.

Curriculum Associates Launches i-Ready Standards Mastery for Virginia to Provide Insight into Learning Loss

New reading and math assessment program for Grades 2–8 is the first on the market to specifically address the most current Virginia’s Standards of Learning

To provide just-in-time information on students’ mastery of the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) and instructional recommendations to address specific learning loss, Curriculum Associates has created i-Ready Standards Mastery for Virginia. This new reading and math assessment component for Grades 2–8 features tech-enhanced assessment items and is part of the award-winning i-Ready Assessment suite. Today, i-Ready serves more than eight million students nationwide, including more than 169,000 students in 327 schools across Virginia.

“We created i-Ready Standards Mastery for Virginia in response to educators needing a truly Virginia SOL-specific, data-driven solution to help inform instruction,” said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates. “This first-of-its-kind program for Virginia shows our ongoing commitment to supporting quality education across the state and will provide an invaluable resource for educators by providing detailed and timely insights into student understanding.”

Designed to assess the Virginia SOLs, i-Ready Standards Mastery for Virginia offers educators the option to assess student understanding of any math or reading standard via a brief, 15-minute assessment. The program provides educators with immediate insight into student understanding, progress, and need, including item analysis for each student with information on common misconceptions about the standard. It also provides instructional recommendations and resources best suited to support students based on their current understanding of specific skills.

With i-Ready Standards Mastery for Virginia being used for the formative assessment process, teachers can choose which assessments will help them gain insight into their students’ understanding of specific skills. Teachers can determine next steps for standards-based instruction for their classes, small groups, or individual students who may need more support based on detailed, student-level item analysis. They can also see student performance on recently taught standards as part of a formative assessment program with instructional resources to inform reteaching.

With i-Ready Standards Mastery for Virginia being used for interim assessment, district or school administrators can choose key standards to monitor throughout the year to inform resource allocation and instructional decisions. Administrators can view student results, regardless of which teacher assigned the assessment, and see student performance on all standards assessed during the school year across a grade in a school or across the district.

“This is a good formative assessment for teachers,” said Ro Stark, district intervention specialist at Richmond City Public Schools in Virginia. “It gives quick, instant feedback, and the item analysis is very nice.”

i-Ready makes the promise of differentiated instruction a practical reality for K–12 teachers and students. It combines powerful assessments and rich insights with effective and engaging instruction in reading and mathematics to address students’ individual needs.

The i-Ready Diagnostic test provides educators with actionable criterion-referenced and normative data to deliver impactful, equitable learning experiences. Teachers administer the Diagnostic at the beginning of the school year to chart a course for their instruction and to personalize i-Ready instructional paths. A midyear and end-of-year Diagnostic help students and teachers measure growth and have data chats. Teacher-led and personalized instruction continues throughout the year to help students address their learning gaps and access grade-level learning.

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Founded in 1969, Curriculum Associates, LLC designs research-based print and online instructional materials, screens and assessments, and data management tools. The company’s products and outstanding customer service provide teachers and administrators with the resources necessary for teaching diverse student populations and fostering learning for all students.

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