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Leading K-8 Educational Company Introduces Middle School Science Solution

BrainPOP Science helps teachers inspire the next generation of scientific thinkers
while navigating fundamental shifts in teaching and learning science, technology,
and engineering.

NEW YORK – May 12, 2021 – BrainPOP, the online educational solution that makes rigorous
learning experiences accessible and engaging for all students, today announced BrainPOP
– a new solution designed to help 6-8th grade science teachers navigate recent shifts in
science, engineering, and technology standards, assessments, and learning environments.
Through scaffolded investigations, embedded assessments, and actionable diagnostics,
BrainPOP Science facilitates “three-dimensional” learning and builds student mastery in science.

Recent research from Gallup and the RAND Corporation shows that BrainPOP is already one of
the most widely used digital learning tools that elementary and middle school educators turn to
for teaching students science. In the last year alone, more than 3.1 million students have
completed at least one science activity on BrainPOP’s platform.

“BrainPOP has always provided educators with resources to make difficult topics understandable,
relatable, and relevant for students,” said Scott Kirkpatrick, CEO of BrainPOP. “New standards
challenge educators to rethink how they teach science and meaningfully measure student
learning. Science has become such a focal point during the last year, and we are especially
excited to support educators who are inspiring kids to truly engage in scientific thinking and

Each BrainPOP Science investigation includes student-driven activities: examining phenomena,
collecting evidence, articulating claims and reasoning, and checking for understanding along the
way. BrainPOP Science was designed with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in
mind and can be aligned to all state standards. Districts will also have the option to align
BrainPOP Science units to their unique curriculum needs.

“BrainPOP Science’s standards-aligned investigations provide my students with the opportunity
to explore scientific concepts through real-world applications. All of my students found the
phenomena-driven investigations to be engaging learning experiences,” said Donna Falk, a
middle school science teacher in Manalapan, New Jersey. “The customizable activities make it
easy to enhance my lesson plans, and the actionable diagnostics allow me to track students’
mastery against our state’s standards.”

Key features of BrainPOP Science include:
Simulations allow students to strengthen their conceptual understanding by observing
science principles in action, manipulating models to test hypotheses, and collecting
Data manipulatives empower students to improve data literacy skills by interacting with
scientific data used in real-world scenarios.
3D Worlds enable students to explore real-world phenomena, and encourage scientific
argumentation and debate.
Exclusive science movies leverage the power of BrainPOP’s animations to explain
hard-to-teach concepts.
Unit-level diagnostics and embedded formative assessments deliver actionable insights
on student mastery aligned to NGSS and state standards.

Collectively, BrainPOP Science investigations address all three dimensions of learning –
crosscutting concepts, science and engineering practices, and disciplinary core ideas. They also
align with the 5E Model of Science Instruction, which invites students to engage, explore, explain,
elaborate, and evaluate. BrainPOP Science builds on advances in science education, learning
and assessment design, psychometrics, and data science, supported with evidence from efficacy
conducted over the years in collaboration with researchers, educators, and students.

“Effectively engaging students in three-dimensional learning and cultivating mastery is a
challenging task in traditional science classrooms, but it is an essential step toward closing the
achievement gap in the U.S.,” said Yigal Rosen, PhD, SVP of AI and data science at BrainPOP.
“This gap is not inevitable. The approach put forth by the NGSS provides a guiding framework for
designing deeper, more rigorous learning and formative assessment solutions to build science
mastery among all students.”

Schools and districts will have the opportunity to become early adopters of BrainPOP Science
beginning in August 2021. They will be able to access new content and features throughout the
2021-22 school year, and will have the opportunity to provide feedback and impact future
product enhancements.

Since its founding in 1999 by Avraham Kadar, M.D., BrainPOP has been continuously innovating to
prepare students to become the leaders of tomorrow. Over the last 22 years, BrainPOP has
reached more than 300 million learners worldwide. From the beginning, the BrainPOP approach
engaged kids’ curiosity through short animated movies that make complicated ideas simple and
clear, helping them experience the sudden burst of understanding that Dr. Kadar called a “brain
pop.” Today, schools and districts nationwide utilize BrainPOP to raise academic achievement and
strengthen students’ critical, computational, and creative thinking skills.

About BrainPOP
BrainPOP is an online educational solution that makes rigorous learning experiences accessible
and engaging for all. Proven to raise academic achievement, it has been a trusted resource to
more than six million educators and has engaged the hearts and challenged the minds of over
300 million learners worldwide. 70% of K-8 U.S. schools have turned to BrainPOP as a go-to
resource for remote learning, and nine out of 10 educators would recommend it to a friend or
colleague. BrainPOP provides endless opportunities for kids to take agency over their learning
through playful, knowledge-building content and learner-driven projects that strengthen critical,computational, and creative thinking across the entire curriculum. The company is committed to
empowering kids to succeed and thrive in the classroom and beyond.

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