SmarterServices Integrates Calculator Application into SmarterProctoring to Eliminate Distractions, Create Equity, and Promote Academic Integrity

With continued dedication to academic integrity and student success, SmarterServices in partnership with ClassCalc, is excited to announce a new integration into SmarterProctoring’s Virtual Proctoring modalities.

PITTSBURGH, PA – Student success is an utmost priority for SmarterServices, which has led to a recent partnership with ClassCalc to integrate features that eliminate student distraction, create equity, and promote academic integrity. 

ClassCalc is a calculator application that has been most recently integrated into all of the SmarterProctoring Virtual Proctoring modalities. SmarterProctoring provides a flexible and credible way to manage and administer proctored exams with support for face-to-face and online proctoring. It integrates with a variety of different LMS to offer safe and reliable testing experiences for students and teachers. 

With the optional ability to enable the ClassCalc feature in each online exam configuration, instructors and teachers are able to view students on their calculator devices during exams — eliminating distractions and promoting academic integrity by preventing students from looking up answers online. Students are also able to practice with the ClassCalc calculator before starting their assessment, so they are confident in using the application on exams. 

This integration also creates equity among students by providing all students with the same, on-screen calculator. The application features four different calculator options, including scientific, graphic, matrix, and four-function calculators, and saves students from needing to purchase expensive calculators. The partnership between ClassCalc and SmarterServices is helping institutions and schools empower students with the right tools for greater success. 

“We’re incredibly excited about providing a first-class calculator solution directly to our users,” said Jason Fill, CEO at SmarterServices. “This seamless integration helps level the playing field for students by ensuring all students are using the exact same calculator and no external devices are used during remote exams. From day one we have been very impressed by ClassCalc and are pleased to include this in our service offering.”

“This is a big step forward for ClassCalc. Our goal is to provide students with a new-age math tool that’s not only cheaper but makes math easier. The first graphing calculators were released in 1985 and have barely changed since then. It was time for a change that would be accessible to virtually all students,” stated Daniel Haiem CEO, ClassCalc.

To learn more about ClassCalc and its integration into SmarterProctoring’s Virtual Proctoring modalities, or to sign up for a demo visit SmarterService’s website

About SmarterServices:

SmarterServices is a full-spectrum assessment services company that solves unmet market challenges facing learners, instructors, institutions, and organizations by developing unique educational technology solutions to improve a learner’s success. With over 150 years of combined experience in higher education and tools like SmarterProctoring and SmarterMeasure, they equip schools with the necessary tools needed regarding student readiness, testing, and integrity. Learn more at

About ClassCalc:

ClassCalc is a free calculator application with the functionality of both a graphing and scientific calculator. The ClassCalc app has a built-in lockdown browser that lets teachers lock students out of all outside distractions such as Instagram, calls and texts, keeping students focused in class, and preventing cheating on tests. This is a new-age math tool that is cheaper than current calculators on the market and promotes equity among students. To learn more about ClassCalc, visit 

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