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CENTEGIX Posts Record Demand for Its Wearable CrisisAlert Solution

Mobile panic button leader CENTEGIX now the largest wearable safety technology provider for K-12 education

ATLANTA /PRNewswire/ — CENTEGIX, the leader in incident response solutions, announced that new customers of its award-winning CrisisAlert solution were the highest in company history and that demand in the first half of 2023 has exceeded the 2022 full-year result.

School districts nationwide overwhelmingly select CENTEGIX’s CrisisAlert wearable panic button to protect staff and students. Now with more than 600,000 badge users, CENTEGIX is by far the industry leader and largest solution provider of wearable incident response technology for K-12 education, representing over 95% of the wearable safety technology market.

“We have six years of experience with wearables and have built a large and rapidly expanding suite of software applications and integrations that protect close to 10 million people for everyday and extreme emergencies. Customers tell us that CENTEGIX is the standard in wearable safety, and because all staff wear our badge, it builds a culture of safety at the location and in the community,” said Brent Cobb, CEO of CENTEGIX.

CENTEGIX has been selected to protect more than 11,500 schools in almost all 50 states, including:

  • Three of the top 10 largest school districts in the U.S.; 17 of the top 100
  • Over 70% of K-12 public schools in Georgia and Nevada
  • Over 35% of K-12 public schools in Florida
  • Over 20% of K-12 public schools in New Mexico and Alabama

Customers also report that they greatly value the fact that our wearables do not rely on mobile cellular or Wi-Fi networks. There is a general consensus that those services are not always available everywhere on every campus. The risk that service is not available when a student or staff member is experiencing a life-threatening issue makes those technologies untenable,” said Cobb.

Unlike mobile app-based solutions that typically have low adoption and usage because they require users to download an application to their personal mobile device, CrisisAlert has 100% user adoption, a critical component of comprehensive safety.

“We have been converting districts from mobile apps to wearables, and those districts have told us that app download rates average 20%, but less than 5% of staff actually have a functioning, active mobile safety app,” said Cobb. Mobile phone users change phones, forget their passwords, forget the name of the app, and various other issues, yielding 95% of staff without a working safety solution. Districts value CrisisAlert because it is available and is used everyday by staff for a variety of incidents. Everyday usage is important because in a moment of crisis, the solution must be easy and familiar to use to be effective. Visit the CENTEGIX website for customer testimonials and CrisisAlert life-saving stories.

CENTEGIX’s leadership position includes its commitment to sharing usage and incident trend data in its biannual School Safety Trends Report. The most recent School Safety Trends Report offers the latest comprehensive analysis of nearly 60,000 uses of CrisisAlert during the 2023 Spring Term. It is the only mobile panic button usage data report in the industry.

Highlights of the report include:

  • Everyday emergencies like medical and behavioral incidents make up 98% of all alerts, while campus-wide lockdowns represent a small percentage of usage
  • 97% of teachers and staff surveyed indicated a wearable incident response solution helped them feel safe and supported by their district
  • Nearly half of all safety incidents on a school campus occur outside the classroom
  • Users surveyed indicated that the wearable badge contributes to their peace of mind and allows them to focus on instruction and student achievement

CENTEGIX recently commended the Texas Legislature for being the fifth state to pass Alyssa’s Law, requiring Texas public and charter schools to provide all classrooms with silent panic alarm technology. The CrisisAlert solution exceeds Texas’ Alyssa’s Law requirements. In the first half of 2023, the CENTEGIX customer base grew 300% in Texas, as school districts sought to comply with the law.

In June, CENTEGIX was awarded a Platinum 2023 Secure Campus Award from Campus Security and Life Safety for its integrated safety platform. Also, CENTEGIX’s unique ability to innovate to meet the safety needs and challenges of customers has resulted in recognition from the Atlanta Business Chronicle as one of the fastest-growing companies in Atlanta, naming CENTEGIX to its Pacesetters list.

CrisisAlert empowers staff with the fastest and easiest way to get help in any emergency. The wearable badge does not depend on Wi-Fi or cellular and is discreet and easy to use in a moment of crisis, when fine motor skills are challenged. In addition, CrisisAlert includes unique capabilities not possible with other wearable panic buttons:

  • Precise room-level location of the alert is delivered to responders.
  • A map of the campus is displayed to responders showing the location of the alert.
  • Full audio-visual notifications communicate immediately to everyone for campus-wide alerts via flashing strobes and intercom messages.
  • Full campus coverage—the wearable badge works inside and outside buildings, including parking lots, ball fields, etc.
  • Configurable alert types, responder types, protocol development, and user management are easily managed through an interactive, intuitive web interface.
  • A simple, fast installation process that requires no alterations to physical structures or electrical wiring.

The CrisisAlert wearable badge also integrates with numerous software applications to provide a comprehensive safety experience, including:

  • Video surveillance tools, intercom devices, access control, IP phones, message board displays, computer interfaces, workflow tools, and dozens of other devices and services through an intuitive web interface
  • Interfaces to 911 response centers, including CrisisAlert software, RapidSOS, operator-to-operator calls, direct CAD system integrations, emergency management workflow tools, and more
  • Full suite of computer interfaces and notifications, including Apple Critical Alert, desktop takeover, text, email, and more
  • User and group management via single sign-on services (e.g., Active Directory)

CENTEGIX is the industry leader and largest solution provider of wearable safety technology for K-12 education and protects people in over 11,500 locations. CENTEGIX innovates technology to empower and protect, and leaders nationwide trust our safety solutions to provide peace of mind. To learn more, visit

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