What if the highest-paid people at school were… the teachers?

Barnett Berry shows a picture of himself from 1979 to a group of Arkansas teachers, says Takepart.com. The educators laugh at the young, bright-eyed teacher, who is now president of the Center for Teacher Equality. He tells them it’s been decades since he’s been in a classroom, but that doesn’t mean he is clueless about what they handle on a daily basis. He also shares where he thinks the teaching profession needs to go.

“There is a difference between those who teach and those who lead,” Berry said during the lecture for Arkansas teachers at the William J. Clinton Presidential Center.

He added, “Teachers need to transform teachers.”…Read More

Time for higher pay? Teachers are more likely to work second jobs

After the school day ends, many teachers are heading to second jobs to make ends meet, Takepart.com reports. According to a new study from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the sad truth is that teachers are more likely than non-teachers to work multiple jobs. The report provides a variety of reasons why educators, who on average make $56,039 per year, might be more likely to seek a supplementary income. Teachers, according to the study, were more likely to be married and have dependents. Where as 45 percent of non-teachers were unmarried with no dependents, only 35 percent of teachers were in the same category. The responsibility of having to provide for others makes additional income appealing. The study also found that STEM teachers were more likely than other teachers to work a second job. Earlier this year, President Obama announced that he wants to spend one billion dollars to hire more STEM educators who would be enticed by receiving an additional $20,000 on top of their salaries…

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How much should teachers be paid?

"Without our teachers, where would we be?" asked one reader.

With U.S. schools facing enormous pressure to improve, even as state and local budgets continue to evaporate, teacher compensation is the latest flashpoint in debates about education reform.

Though some critics argue that teachers are overpaid (see “Hey teachers: The Heritage Foundation thinks you’re overpaid”), many believe it’s just the opposite (see “Four fallacies of the ‘teachers are overpaid’ argument” and “Teachers facing low salaries opt to moonlight”).

To get our readers’ perspective, we recently asked: “What do you think teachers should be paid?” Here are some of the most thought-provoking responses (edited for brevity).…Read More

Tradeoffs: Reduce class sizes or increase teacher pay?

Every morning at PS 148 in East Elmhurst, Queens, teacher Monique Bertolotti greets her 27 third graders, who speak English as a second language, with a reading exercise, reports the Huffington Post. Classes began on Sept. 13, but because of the volume of students in her class, it was only Wednesday — three weeks later — that Bertolotti got to sit down with two new Colombian students, Nicole and Amy, to help them acclimate…

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Ex-Apple exec wants to make textbooks like computers

Inkling, a digital textbook company started by ex-Apple education exec Matt MacInnis, wants to make textbooks more like computers, reports the Huffington Post. MacInnis told HuffPost that e-textbooks should be specially converted for digital consumption. They should be more, he said, “than just flat scans of the original material” — a not-so-subtle dig at Inkling’s main competitor, digital textbook seller Kno. What makes Inkling’s textbooks better, MacInnis said with a bit of braggadocio, is that they “change the way information is consumed.”

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