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The following 10 education blogs could help you grow your teaching practices

education-blogsEducation blogs are one of the top ways to learn about new educational technologies, trends, and classroom practices. Sometimes, learning from the perspective of other teachers, administrators, and ed-tech professionals can help educators refresh their teaching and leadership.

In 2012, eSchool News compiled a list of top education blogs–here’s an update, with new blogs that offer new perspectives and resources.

Following any blogs that aren’t on this list? Share them in the comment section below.

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1. Cool Cat Teacher (@coolcatteacher)

Cool Cat Teacher was created by Vicki Davis, a teacher and IT Director at a small school in Camilla, Ga. Davis writes about teaching, education, and technology. She also interviews teachers on her online web show, “Every Classroom Matters.” Her blog has won multiple awards and is consistently featured as one of the top 50 blogs in education worldwide.

2. Edutech for Teachers (@edutech20)

This blog was created by Jamie Forshey, an instructional technology specialist and teacher in central Pennsylvania. Fosrhey blogs about how the use of technology and digital media in the classroom can engage students. Check out her “Tech Tip of the Week” page. One resource she recommends is Gooru, a service that connects teachers and students with more than 50,000 resources in various subjects, giving users a list of materials in different media formats that can be used in the classroom.

3. Free Technology for Teachers (@rmbyrne)

Richard Byrne, a former high school social studies teacher and now a Google Certified Teacher, created this blog to share free resources with educators. Compiling lists of classroom tools for both students and teachers, Byrne covers everything from iPad apps to Google tutorials. Byrne also writes a second blog about resources for professional development.

4. Home Room (@usedgov)

Created and run by the United States Education Departmen (ED), this blog features education innovations and reforms. ED employees, as well as those of other related government organizations, post on the blog regularly. Check out the site’s #AskArne page, which features a video series where Secretary of Education Arne Duncan answers questions from social media, snail mail, and teachers, covering topics ranging from student privacy to professional development.

5. Learning and Innovation (@syded06)

Daniel Edwards, keeper of the blog, is the Director of Digital Strategy at Stephen Perse Foundation schools in Cambridge, UK. Edwards blogs about ed tech, apps, and the opportunities educators have to innovate in the digital age.

6. A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet (@cybrarian77)

This blog, created by Julie Greller, provides links to sites with various classroom resources, lesson plans, and creative projects for various topics. Broken into useful categories like “Grades K-5,” “Teacher-Librarians,” and “Reference,” the site functions as a virtual librarian or library resource.

7. MindShift (@MindShiftKQED)

MindShift, which also appeared on our last blog list, was started by KQED and NPR. It is edited by Tina Barseghian. The site focuses on the future of learning, particularly through technology and innovation. Among the categories featured on the site’s home page are “Games and Learning” and “Children and Media.”

8. My Island View (@tomwhitby)

Founder of the educational twitter series #Edchat, Tom Whitby is a retired teacher who has taught both at the high school and college level. Whitby hosts regular Twitter chats to discuss key issues and new innovations in education. Whitby blogs about social media’s connection to education and the educator’s role in the digital world. Recently, Whitby wrote a post encouraging more educators and administers to blog and join the conversation about the ever-changing world of education.

9. A Principal’s Reflections (@NMHS_Principal)

Winner of the Best Administrator Blog from the Edublog Awards and author of a new book, Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times, Eric Sceninger, a principal at New Milford High School in N.J., blogs about his experiences in his school and his interaction with his students. He also discusses his views on educational leadership and the best practices of integrating technology into the classroom.

10. Two Guys and Some iPads (@TechMinock, @Techbradwaid)

Created by Brad Waid and Drew Minock, Two Guys and Some iPads is a blog about technology in education and how to implement technology into the classroom. The co-founders of the blog are also the hosts of a popular podcast called “The Two Guys Show,” where Waid and Minock talk more about the latest in education technology, discuss augmented reality, interview innovative educators, highlight new education ideas from Twitter and other blogs, and announce upcoming ed-tech conferences. Both Waid and Minock are interested in the use of augmented reality in education and started a monthly meet up called AR Detroit to discuss future applications of augmented reality.

Start your own blog for free and share your own thoughts with the education community.

Sydney Mineer is an eSchool News editorial intern.

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