Gaming, coding top students’ ed tech wish lists

National survey identifies educators’ instructional practices and students’ learning preferences

technology-learningAccess to high-speed internet is among middle and high school students’ top technology preferences, according to a CompTIA national survey of students and educators

Fifty-six percent of surveyed students said they’d like access to high-speed internet, 57 percent said they would like laptops, and 53 percent said tablets are a must-have.

When broken down by gender, male students demonstrated a greater preference for high-speed internet and game-based learning simulations, while female students expressed a preference for tablets and mobile e-learning apps.

Fifty-two percent of students want to learn more about gaming in school, 49 percent want to learn more about computer troubleshooting, and 45 percent want to learn more programming/coding.

Just 9 percent of middle and high school students said there is little or no technology used in their schools.

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