Five powerful edtech accelerators are influencing the skills and needs of K-12 students and educators, according to a new CoSN report released during the advocacy group’s 2019 conference.

These edtech accelerators are major disruptive shifts in the status quo that redefine the future of education and accelerate the pace of technological change. They vary in speed, speed, the report notes, with some suddenly appearing and others gradually becoming more important over several years.

The five accelerators are: learners as creators; data-driven practices; personalization; design thinking; and building the capacity of human leaders.

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“Innovation is advancing quickly, and that means school technology leaders need to stay on top of the trends powering digital transformations,” says Keith Krueger, CoSN’s CEO. The report is intended to help educators start conversations about how to use these accelerators to influence learning.

Learners as creators: The idea that students don’t have to wait to graduate to change the world is motivating schools to embrace real-world learning experiences that promote student-generated ideas and solutions.

5 K-12 edtech accelerators poised to take off

Data-driven practices: Schools are increasingly leveraging data about the student experience, measuring engagement and skills acquisition to inform decisions about curriculum, hiring, technology investments, and more.

Personalization: Just as the consumer sector has exploded with new ways to customize user experiences, products, and recommendations, schools are finding ways to provide individualized learning pathways and promote student voice, choice, and autonomy.

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