Every school district is faced with a choice about how to protect student data. As districts have implemented more technology to support digital learning, student data privacy in schools has become a critical issue.

It can be a huge undertaking to vet and manage the privacy policies of all of the online resources used in a district. Even with good intentions, most districts do not have adequate protection and are vulnerable to a data breach. These breaches are becoming more common as districts struggle to keep up with technology.

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Here is the story of one district that is doing it right by effectively supporting its student data privacy policy with a comprehensive privacy management tool.

Forsyth County Schools

District administrators and school board members in Georgia’s Forsyth County Schools were committed to data privacy—and with nearly 50,000 students, the district knew protection was of the utmost importance.

About the Author:

Katie Onstad is a K-12 student data privacy management specialist, an engaged parent, and a business entrepreneur. As VP and Co-Founder of Education Framework Inc., Katie helped create an on-demand resource vetting solution that proactively protects sensitive student information and streamlines the privacy management process for schools.