Even a pandemic won’t stop bad student behavior–and in many cases, it inflames behaviors such as bullying.

In this conversation with eSchool News, Laura Lockhart, director of student services of Keller Independent School District in Texas talks about how the district digitally updated their bullying reporting process to keep students safe and meet federal reporting regulations.

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eSN: What led your district to take the process digital?

LL: We were actually cited by the office of civil rights. We had a complaint that we did not handle a bullying situation or outcry effectively. And so because of that, we created a focus group task force to dig into what we were missing in regards to managing and responding to outcries.

There’s a specific process that we should have been using and we had not. Some things that are part of this process are time-sensitive. For instance, within three days, the parents of each of the perpetrators and the victim have to be notified and the investigation has to be complete in 10 days. All allegations must be investigated. So those timestamps and frames, that’s where Laserfiche helped us out. We took the whole investigation system and put it on the Laserfiche process. And when I say, we, it was our technology department and Clint Metta, who was the mastermind and the brains behind all of that.

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