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LearnWell Acquires Comprehensive Counseling

Expanding the Range of Services Supporting K-12 Students’ Mental Health Needs

LearnWell, a leading mental health services company in K-12 education, announced it has expanded its services through an agreement with Comprehensive Counseling LCSWs, a New York-based counseling practice. The addition of the counseling practice allows LearnWell to offer a more holistic set of services, including virtual counseling, to partners in school districts, hospitals and treatment facilities in support of students and their families. LearnWell will initially offer the new services in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Comprehensive Counseling is a community-based mental health private practice with offices in Queens, Long Island and the Bronx. Its practice areas include child, adolescent and family therapy, with a focus on depression, anxiety and relationship issues. Comprehensive Counseling practitioners are experienced in providing teletherapy services (virtual counseling) to patients.

The asset purchase transaction, backed by an investment from 424 Capital and Eagle Private Capital, enables LearnWell to support the continued growth of Comprehensive Counseling as an affiliate company and independent counseling services practice. James Hickey, president of Comprehensive Counseling, has joined LearnWell as Vice President of Counseling Services. Kellye Hickey, the former marketing manager for Comprehensive Counseling, is now LearnWell’s Director of Counseling Operations. Mary Butner, who was administrator for the practice, has also joined the management team as Director of Counseling Administration. These three are leading the counseling business and supporting the 90 clinicians currently serving patients. Eight of the practice’s other administrative team members have also joined LearnWell.

“Mental health challenges will affect nearly half of all students at some point before age 18. While these struggles can have a significant impact on academic performance, classroom behavior, absenteeism and dropout rates, far too few students are receiving the support they need,” said LearnWell’s CEO, Collin Earnst. “We are extremely pleased to have the Comprehensive Counseling team on board. Their experience with teletherapy enables LearnWell to offer virtual counseling, so districts have convenient access to high-quality mental health care for students.”

With LearnWell’s virtual counseling platform, traditional barriers to treatment such as proximity and availability of qualified therapists, inclement weather and transportation difficulties can easily be addressed. Delivered through secure telehealth video conference, treatment is available in nine languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hebrew, German, Creole, French, and Farsi. Therapists will offer verbal therapy, psychological evaluations, and medication management, when appropriate. In-person counseling sessions will also be available in certain locations.

For school districts, LearnWell Counseling Services provides support to school psychologists, social workers, and guidance counselors and offers a convenient and flexible way for students to access the help they need, with parental consent. Clinicians who partner with LearnWell accept many insurance carriers, including Medicare, which means the virtual counseling services will be a low- or no-cost solution for school districts.

“We are very excited about embarking on this new chapter with LearnWell,” said James Hickey. “By becoming an affiliate company, we’ll have even more opportunities to address the needs of students with emerging mental health issues and to provide therapeutic support for discharged from mental health treatment.”

LearnWell also offers virtual and in-person academics during mental health treatment as well as one-to-one virtual tutoring services following mental health treatment.

About LearnWell

LearnWell partners with hospitals and treatment facilities, K-12 school districts, and families to support mental health wellness. Its integrated set of academic and mental health services are offered throughout the continuum of care to address emerging mental health needs, promote academic wellness during treatment, and support the transition back to the school environment following treatment. For more information go to:

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