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How to stop the global pandemic of superficial learning

The global pandemic of superficial learning characterised by the passive acceptance of information, memorisation of isolated and unlinked facts, and a lack of opportunity to explore subjects in depth – has resulted in millions being left unprepared for deeper challenges beyond passing exams. The book ‘A Year of Making and Learning’ came about thanks to a community of international educators taking collective action against this global challenge.

The book takes the reader on a restriction-less voyage spanning six continents and fifteen countries including rgentina, Australia, China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Russia, Togo, Ukraine, UK, and USA. In each place, educators share how they go about designing impactful learner-centred experiences with the creative elements of making – in schools, after-school programmes, universities, makerspaces, at home and online.

‘A Year of Making and Learning’ features contributions written in user-friendly language from Wissenschaft im dialog, WMG at the University of Warwick, EcoTec Lab, Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab, and Jerry Do it Together amongst others.

The book showcases 20 exceptional learner-centred activities and gives practical strategies for championing hands-on, deeper learning experiences that prepare students for today and the future. And in doing so, reminds us that a world effort is required to end this global pandemic of superficial learning to benefit learners, local communities and the global economy.

This will be the first anthology published by Learning Connected, an organisation empowering educators to take action and design impactful learning experiences wherever they are in the world. ‘A Year of Learning and Making’ will be a great read to both accidental and intentional educators. The book will be available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions from the launch date of 23rd November 2020.

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