5 things to know about AI in classrooms

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By now, we hear the term “artificial intelligence” more than a few times a day. But despite the stereotypical sci-fi depictions of AI, it has a legitimate place in today’s classrooms.

Innovative educators and students are finding new ways to integrate AI into teaching and learning every day. Teachers can spend more one-on-one time with students when they use AI to quickly complete tedious tasks. Students, on the other hand, learn how to critically evaluate information and learn about biases when they analyze information coming from generative AI sources.…Read More

HSPA named a 5-Star Innovative School 2023 in The Educator report for Mastery Learning

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA/EINPresswire.com/ —  Edalex, the company powering organisations’ single source of truth for skills and learning data, enthusiastically congratulates the Hunter School of Performing Arts (HSPA) for being named one of the ‘ 5-Star Innovative Schools 2023’ by The Educator for their work around mastery learning, credentialing and Learner Dashboard innovations, which were co-designed with Edalex and Learning Vault using the  Credentialate and openRSD platforms.

According to Darren Ponman, Principal of HSPA: “We were excited to receive this recognition – particularly as we were nominated by another school! Our parents and students have been thrilled with the dynamic, 24/7 visibility that the Credentialate Learner Dashboard has given them. They can see at any moment the student’s achievements – both pending and achieved, what they need to do to ‘level up’ and where they sit in relation to the wider student cohort. Gamification was a key objective from the beginning of the project and has really worked to motivate the students to strive for mastery.”

“We are so pleased that HSPA has been recognised for the implementation of its comprehensive Mastery Learning model, and honoured that we were able to provide the tech enablement of Darren’s vision. HSPA has been on a multi-year journey to implement an innovative pedagogy, and this is deserved recognition for the school leaders, teachers, parents and students of their efforts. Collaboration between education providers, education technology companies and others is the key to enabling success in the skills economy.”…Read More

Schools have struggled to add learning time after COVID–here’s how one district did it

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It was just after 2:30 p.m. on a recent Wednesday, and the school stage hadn’t yet transformed into a reading room.

Christopher VanderKuyl, an assistant principal in Chicago’s west suburbs, hurriedly dragged brown folding chairs across the wood floor. He made a mental note to figure out who’d rearranged the furniture.…Read More

4 thought-provoking videos about education

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In education, there is no shortage of debate. Conversations around proficiency, assessments, grading systems, and professional development are all too familiar.

During a time of immense change and innovation in education, with influencing factors such as increases in personalized learning and the explosion of artificial intelligence, it’s worthwhile to look at some of the mainstays in today’s classrooms.…Read More

Ello, World’s Most Advanced AI Reading Coach Recognized by Common Sense Media as Top AI Tool

SAN FRANCISCO (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ello, developer of the world’s most advanced AI reading coach, announced today that Common Sense Media rated the Ello app as one of its top 10 AI products for ethical use, transparency, safety and impact.

Ello received an overall ranking of 4 out of 5 and 5 out of 5 for privacy and kids’ safety in Common Sense Media’s first-ever AI-ratings system. Common Sense Media recognized Ello as a company that displayed Responsible AI practices, especially its machine learning fairness that contributed to the app’s high rating. Ello was also recognized for the unique design of its AI reading tutor, the selection of diverse and engaging books that it offers, and the positive ways the AI tutor motivates young, struggling readers. Ello’s detailed Participatory Disclosures provided a strong basis for its positive evaluation against the “ Common Sense AI Principles,” the AI ratings system, developed with input from a range of AI experts. To read more about Common Sense’s AI rating and review of Ello, please visit https://www.commonsensemedia.org/ai-ratings/ello.

“Ello worked directly with parents, children and educators to build our AI reading tutor to ensure the experience is educational and safe while also addressing diversity and representation in children’s reading,” said Dr. Elizabeth Adams, co-founder and Chief Experience Officer of Ello. “Nearly 70% of American children read behind grade level, and the latest AI technology can help address this issue by providing 1:1 reading support while still putting privacy and safety of kids first. We are honored that Common Sense Media recognized Ello as a responsible AI application.”…Read More

Capstone Names Haygood Poundstone as Chief Revenue Officer

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Capstone, an innovative learning company merging children’s content with easy-to-use edtech tools for K-5 classrooms, libraries, and homes, has named Haygood Poundstone as Chief Revenue Officer. Poundstone brings over 20 years of experience in the edtech market in business development, revenue growth, sales strategies, and operations management to this newly created role at Capstone. Poundstone will oversee Capstone’s revenue generating sales including direct to schools, library, distribution, trade, and international business units in executing the publisher’s growth strategy.

Throughout his career, Poundstone has led top-tier sales teams to drive organizational revenue, performance, and profit. Most recently, he served as the Area Vice President of the East at Renaissance Learning where he led a large team of regional vice presidents, sales leaders, and direct sales professionals to reach aggressive goals.

After six years away, Poundstone rejoins Capstone where he was one of the founding employees of its business unit myON. Prior to his time at Capstone, Poundstone held a variety of leadership positions at Lightspan and PLATO (now Edmentum).…Read More

3 ways educators leverage gamification strategies

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Students don’t have to be video game fanatics to appreciate a gamified classroom lesson. When teachers turn a lesson or tough-to-teach concept into a motivational gamed or use a fun competition to teach new concepts, students become immersed in their learning and are often more engaged–meaning they’re more likely to retain information.

Still, there’s an art to gamifying a lesson and ensuring that students are actually learning instead of just playing a game for points. …Read More

Teacher shortages bring to mind the saying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’

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“Fueled by teacher shortages,” we’re told in a recent article in The74, “Zoom-in-a-Room” is making a comeback.…Read More

5 essential digital learning reads

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  • Digital learning is a key part of students’ school experiences
  • As technology evolves, so, too, do students’ learning opportunities
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Digital learning is a critical component of what happens in today’s classrooms. Edtech tools, connected learning experiences, and 21st-century skills all play a role in preparing students for the future.

But digital learning trends and technologies change so quickly that sometimes, it’s difficult to know where to focus or where to invest funding, time, and resources.…Read More

Reaching edtech harmony in your classroom

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In today’s dynamic educational landscape, technology has become an integral part of teaching and learning, but it presents a paradox. While diverse edtech products promise innovation, they simultaneously pose challenges. Educators, learners, instructional technology coaches, and IT/edtech staff are grappling with the complexities of managing an ever-expanding arsenal of disconnected digital tools. It’s important to understand the challenges more closely and how an integrated, interoperable, and effective educational technology ecosystem can meet the evolving landscape of learning for more efficient, impactful, and secure learning experiences.

There are several prominent shifts that are driving the future of learning, therefore making a comprehensive and interoperable ecosystem essential. First is the permanence of a remote and/or hybrid learning structure. Solutions like interactive displays, cloud whiteboarding, screen sharing, and video conferencing tools have helped schools embrace and succeed in this new learning format. Second is the need to create a 21st century learning environment that is accessible for all students, encourages engagement and collaboration, and can be more easily tailored for different learning levels and needs. For example, smart board tools such as text to speech, translation, or word prediction can help students overcome language barriers and unique challenges. For increased engagement and collaboration, teachers are relying on new teaching methods such as microlearning and gamification. Finally, there’s also a drive toward more community and outreach.…Read More