What are the Three Active Strategies?

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In K-12 education, three prominent active classroom learning strategies engage students dynamically: Think-Pair-Share encourages collaboration; Hands-On Experiments immerse students in scientific inquiry, while Role-Playing and Simulations foster real-world application. So, what are the three active strategies? Let’s explore how these strategies promote engagement, critical thinking, and deeper understanding among students, enhancing academic success.

What are three active learning strategies?

Active learning strategies for students in K-12 encompass a range of techniques designed to promote engagement, critical thinking, and deeper understanding. Here are three effective strategies:…Read More

Friday 5: Digital learning on the rise

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Digital learning isn’t going anywhere–nor should it. Students have to develop critically important digital skills to succeed in higher education and meet their career goals, and they’ll do just that with digital techniques.

But incorporating digital resources and techniques in the classroom can feel daunting, even to the most tech-enthusiastic teacher. Here’s a look at digital education in action in different ways:…Read More

What are the Tools of Teaching in the Classroom?

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The tools of teaching in the classroom encompass a wide range of resources and methodologies utilized by educators to facilitate effective instruction and enhance student learning experiences. From traditional tools like textbooks and whiteboards to innovative technologies and instructional strategies, these resources shape the classroom learning environment and promote academic success. So, what are the tools of teaching in the classroom? Let’s explore.

What are the tools of teaching in the classroom?

Teaching tools and techniques in the K-12 classroom encompass a diverse array of resources and methodologies essential for effective instruction and student engagement. Traditional tools such as textbooks, whiteboards, and manipulatives provide foundational support for delivering content and facilitating interactive learning experiences. These tangible resources allow educators to present information visually, engage students in hands-on activities, and reinforce key concepts.…Read More

Look Who’s Talking: Superintendent Susan Enfield on the Changing Role of Leadership in Schools

Title: Leading in Service to Schools: Every Leader Matters

School districts are in a precarious state. Post-pandemic, institutions are still grappling with learning recovery, teacher shortages, and other societal struggles. Never have those in positions of management been so vital. Susan Enfield has been there. And in her opening keynote, she intends to help. She indulged eSchool News with some starting points. Susan delves into lessons learned with the rapid deployment of technology during COVID, the necessity of equitable access to devices and digital resources for students, and the importance of embracing discomfort to foster innovation. Have a listen:

Dr. Susan Enfield is the former superintendent for the Washoe County School District in Reno, Nevada. Prior to this, Dr. Enfield spent a decade serving as superintendent for Highline Public Schools outside Seattle, Washington. Under her leadership, Highline worked to deliver on its promise to know every student by name, strength and need so they graduate prepared for the future they choose.…Read More

Crafting ethical AI landscapes in K-12 education

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The summer of 2023 brought with it a declaration from our Executive Director of Technology that it would be the Summer of AI. As a digital learning team, we were assigned the responsibility of exploring the full spectrum of AI in education. The broad nature of this request led to investigations of AI in cybersecurity, data science, marketing, healthcare, and education.

Our AI deep dive resulted in the development of three guiding principles: high standards and expectations, future ready skills, and cultural proficiency. Each principle directly aligns with the district’s vision, mission, and core values. The three guiding principles have become the foundation which underpins all AI professional development, communication, and future planning.…Read More

IXL Learning Acquires Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com

SAN MATEO and OAKLAND, California — IXL Learning, developer of personalized learning products used by millions of people globally, is excited to announce the acquisition of IXL Learning, the premier online English-language dictionary, as well as Thesaurus.com, home to the world’s largest collection of synonyms and antonyms. From mastering vocabulary to unraveling the origins of words, more than 40 million people rely on Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com each month to hone their literacy skills. The platforms process more than 1.8 billion word searches annually, making them go-to destinations for reliable word learning resources.

The acquisitions strengthen IXL Learning’s portfolio of renowned language and literacy products, which includes Rosetta Stone, IXL English Language Arts, Vocabulary.com, SpanishDictionary.com, and ingles.com.

“In a world brimming with countless words, Dictionary.com is a trusted guide that helps people navigate the English language and express themselves,” said Paul Mishkin, CEO of IXL Learning. “We are excited to collaborate and take significant strides together toward making education more engaging and accessible.”…Read More

5 educators share insights into teaching and learning

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Educators today face myriad challenges in their classrooms, including low student engagement, staffing issues, funding shortages, and gaps in opportunity and access.

But despite these challenges, there are bright spots in teaching and learning. Inspiring district leaders, classroom teachers, and school staff have found unique and innovative ways to engage students in learning, motivating students to see beyond classroom walls and truly immerse themselves in learning.…Read More

Enrollment in VHS Learning’s Flexible Self-Paced Courses Soars by Over 400%

Boston – Across the nation, flexible self-paced learning is capturing the interest of students and their families due to the flexibility it offers. That interest is reflected in the ever-increasing popularity of VHS Learning’s flexibly paced courses. The number of students enrolled in at least one of VHS Learning’s Flexible self-paced course offerings increased by 430% between the 2022-23 and 2023-24 academic years.

The flexible self-paced courses remove the restrictions of set semester and school-year start dates, allowing students to create customized academic schedules. VHS Learning first offered flexible self-paced courses during the 2022-23 academic year. At that time, 221 students enrolled. In the 2023-24 academic year, the number enrollees rose to 1,172, including almost 200 students that have signed up for VHS Learning’s new Flexible self-paced half-credit courses.

Flexible Self-paced courses are available in three categories:…Read More

Want a stronger workforce? Make reading initiatives multigenerational

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The United States is arguably in the midst of its most profound shift ever over how children learn to read.

Since 2013, according to an analysis, policymakers in 37 states have passed laws or implemented new policies related to reading instruction and stakeholders from scholars and journalists to teachers and parent coalitions have weighed in.…Read More

Understanding learning styles via Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

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In the vibrant tapestry of any classroom, students come equipped with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and unique ways of processing information. As educators, our responsibility lies not only in disseminating knowledge but also in understanding and accommodating the diverse learning styles present among our students.

Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences offers a valuable psychological framework for comprehending these differences to consequently craft educational experiences that resonate with each student’s strengths.…Read More

Igniting student curiosity through career exploration

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Over my 25 years in the classroom, I’ve seen educators successfully overcome a variety of challenges to help their students learn. However, student engagement remains a challenge for many.

In speaking with colleagues from across the country, they all seem to agree that igniting student engagement and curiosity has become incredibly difficult since the COVID-19 pandemic. I think a possible solution to igniting students’ inherent curiosity is to show them how what they are learning in school connects to the real world through career exploration.…Read More