Are cables in the classroom a thing of the past? Maybe

HDMI over wi-fi is ready to obsolete cables and transform the classroom—almost

cables-wifiWires in classrooms are an inconvenience, yet they have been an inescapable fact of life for over a decade. With the advent of mobile technologies, things haven’t changed quite as much as one might expect.

Many traditional classrooms and learning spaces have a data projector or TV screen that is used by the teacher or students to present information. They usually connect to a computer via HDMI cable or similar that is placed in a “convenient” location.

However, a convenient location for one person may not be the best location for another person. Cables force the teacher to stay at that location while navigating the materials on the computer.

Teachers require the ability to move abound the classroom while teaching; to engage with students, monitor learning, provide feedback and so much more. Tablet technology has allowed this freedom.

Apple TV and Chromecast devices have the potential to also provide freedom of movement, but each has limitations. Now the Miracast technology can provide the freedom without the limitations.

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