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Easy way for teachers to hold “Office Hours”

Numerade—a fully free online education platform founded with a mission to close the educational opportunity gap by democratizing access to extraordinary educators and content—is making it easy for teachers to support students in a distance learning environment through its “Office Hours” feature. This easy-to-use feature gives educators a simple way to create and upload asynchronous lesson videos and provide answers to anonymous student questions, promoting engagement and equitable access to online instruction.

Like the rest of Numerade’s resources, all features within Office Hours are entirely free for users. It allows teachers to easily create beautiful videos on any topic using the recording and whiteboard system, create a playlist from the more than 250,000 existing lesson videos within Numerade, track student engagement, and create weekly class recaps to ensure all students are getting the clarification they want and need.

The platform allows students to ask questions anonymously and ‘vote up’ questions from classmates, indicating which questions are most popular among the class and should be prioritized. Teachers can then create video responses to questions, which are available for all students to view to gain further clarification on key concepts.

“Teachers at the secondary and post-secondary levels often teach large numbers of students, making it challenging to individually address all student questions, and unfortunately leaving some learners behind,” said Nhon Ma, CEO and Co-Founder of Numerade. “No student should ever suffer from a lack of access to high-quality resources. We created Office Hours to give teachers an easy-to-use, engaging platform to deliver video lessons to students and offer clarification on key concepts. This feature is proving to be very useful in our current distance learning environment, forced by widespread school closures due to COVID-19, and can continue to enhance equity over the coming months and beyond.”

In addition to Office Hours, Numerade offers more than 6,000 hours of step-by-step video solutions to problems in the STEM textbooks and test prep books used at the secondary and post-secondary levels, created by a team of 1,000+ PhDs and TAs from universities across the US. Students can access these walk-through solutions and full courses in Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology, Engineering, and Economics.

For more information, see these step by step instructions and a video explainer on how to sign up and use Office Hours.

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