In a matter of moments, your life as kids and students went from predictable to chaos. One moment you were going to school everyday, seeing your friends and teachers, and learning new material, and now suddenly you are stuck at home, unsure of what the day will look like, not playing with anyone, and engaged in online and remote learning with your parents.

School was a refuge, a safe place, a place of learning filled with friends and constant engagement. Home is supposed to be the place where you can argue with your siblings, watch TV, eat dinner with your family, and play video games.

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7 tips to help kids find peace during remote learning

Here are some tips you can use in the midst of chaos and the adjustment to remote learning to help you find peace. After all, every storm eventually runs out of rain.

1. Just breathe​. This time is very stressful. Your body tenses up, your mind is easily distracted, and you never get a change of scenery. All of this can lead to anger, fear, shutting down, crying, and overall stress. In those moments, you just need to remember one thing…just breathe. Remember all those brain breaks your teacher would have you do when you just practiced breathing? Try doing them yourself or teach them to your parents, siblings, or stuffed animals. A simple one is blowing out the candles. Imagine a candle. Take a deep breathe in and then try to blow out your candle.

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