SIS staff buyin

The must-have for a SIS? It’s not what you think!

3 tips for increasing staff buy-in during an SIS transition.

2. Communicate

You can’t just begin using a new SIS and expect your staff to know all of its capabilities. You must make communication a two-way street and give detailed instructions of what you need your staff to do. Prompt them with a lot of questions instead of the other way around.

Within our SIS, there are several automated e-mail triggers that keep students, staff, and parents informed. These are designed to make communication easier and quicker. You don’t need to wait on a secretary to make a phone call about a student or ask a treasurer to check fees. An effective SIS will notify a counselor, treasurer, and any other stakeholder all at once.

In addition, it’s important that your staff understands their roles. Why do they need to enter data a specific way? Why is a report on student attendance important? The more they understand the process, the more buy-in and ownership they will feel within the SIS. Don’t make decisions based on what’s easiest for you; include the staff who are involved in the specific process. As a district leader, you need to learn the roles and duties of your personnel before you can begin to help them.

3. Let Your SIS Work for You

Know the functionality and capability of your software. Think about and record the processes that are taking up the most time for stakeholders to perform. Next, find ways for the SIS to help minimize those duties. This doesn’t mean cutting positions, but rather making those positions more efficient. In many districts, there are personnel who perform multiple jobs. Find an SIS that can assist staff in all their roles.

My district has taken hour and week-long tasks and turned them into minute-long tasks. Staff once went through computer-generated reports by hand to determine students who met certain attendance thresholds such as excessive absences and tardy notes. Now, our SIS analyzes this data daily and automatically generates reports of those students that fit the criteria we have identified. In addition, we are also assigning discipline offenses and actions at the same time. This means better communication and quicker notification for all stakeholders.

Like any software you use on a daily basis, it’s easy to get comfortable with your SIS. Make sure that your SIS is meeting your needs. Do you have to manipulate your data? Is there a communication disconnect about your SIS’s capabilities? Is it a struggle to interface with third-party vendors? Are some stakeholders unrepresented in how your district uses its SIS?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then it may be time for you to consider a new SIS or implement some of the above practices to optimize your current solution. Doing so will improve district performance and create positive buy-in from all stakeholders.

Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation accredits Skyward, a firm specializing in SIS and ERP solutions, for the solution mentioned in this story. To learn more, visit

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