25 things to try in your classroom next year

Teachers can use the summer to identify and learn about educational approaches or tools they want to use in the next school year

As schools across the country close for summer, teachers are, understandably, breathing a sigh of relief. But the learning doesn’t stop just because students leave classrooms.

Summer is one of the most popular times for teachers to engage in professional learning. Without the daily demands of a classroom full of children, teachers can focus on instructional approaches they’d like to strengthen or can experiment with different digital resources or tools.

Do you want to learn more about coding so you can use it in your lessons in the fall? Want to become more confident applying STEM concepts across the curriculum? Or maybe you want to learn how to leverage social media to grow your network.

If you’re searching for something to invigorate your classroom in the fall, check out these new teaching tools and methods–you might find something you can’t wait to use in your classroom.

Professional Learning

1. Professional learning networks: Teacher communities are a great way to combine social interaction and knowledge-sharing, and this list offers some nice options for educators looking to grow their professional learning network (PLN). In fact, teachers who are eager to learn about new classroom strategies or resources can rely on their PLN to offer advice and best practices before the new school year starts.

2. Classroom management practices: The dunce cap, a ruler on the knuckles, kneeling on rice: Modern teachers wouldn’t think of using these methods to correct students’ behavior. But for all the progress that schools have made in understanding and implementing effective discipline, teachers can still fall into bad habits that sabotage their own efforts to stay in command.

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Laura Ascione

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