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eLumen Introduces Professional Services to Help Institutions of Higher Learning Lead Change and Improve Outcomes

Professional service engagements address needs related to edtech implementation, curriculum design and revision, change management, and student success.

Minneapolis, MN―eLumen, the all-in-one platform that helps institutions of higher learning and all individual stakeholders succeed on purpose, today announced the launch of a suite of professional services designed to leverage the effectiveness of instructors and enhance the accomplishments that take place on campuses across the world every day. These services will support colleges and universities in their efforts to better understand and utilize the technology solutions across campus, access more timely and insightful performance data, enhance accreditation and compliance practices, give students better visibility into their mastery of key skills, and much more.

“At eLumen, our focus is to help institutions facilitate student achievement that is foundational―guiding the pathway to mastery of key skills in a fashion that provides a course to something greater. That’s why we work to provide resources and technology to connect what’s possible for all stakeholders, expanding and enhancing the expectations of what education should be,” said Joel Hernandez, CEO of eLumen. “Our new professional services build on what we’ve already achieved through our platform by addressing institutions’ needs in educational technology, curriculum, assessment management, and student pathways. These services, delivered in-person or remotely by experienced practitioners, will help institutions introduce a sense of control of complex processes and gain confidence in the value they can deliver to students.”

eLumen’s professional service engagements range between three to five days in duration and can be delivered on or offsite. This includes the COVID-19 Toolkit, a customizable package of services created to support institutions through current challenges, and to prepare for success this fall and beyond. The toolkit includes training and workshop options to best prepare staff for the upcoming semester.

Additionally, the following professional services are available to support change at every level:

Leading Transformative Change

  • Strategic Review: Transformational Readiness―Institutions seeking a project charter and plan to enact transformational change can benefit by working with eLumen to evaluate readiness, work on strategic goals, and implement a plan for execution. eLumen helps institutions determine where to start and how to sustain a manageable, high-impact strategy.
  • Continuous Improvement―In this engagement, eLumen guides institutions through integrated processes that result in meaningful data and more purposeful engagement to support alignment of goals, measures, methods, analyses, and actions. Colleges and universities looking to increase the depth and breadth of benefits provided by regular and cyclical assessment, improve integration between curriculum and assessment, and enhance student learning outcomes can benefit from this support.

Improving Teaching and Learning Outcomes

  • Supporting Guided Pathways―eLumen will work with the institution to implement the Guided Pathways model by designing a plan that works in alignment with the institution’s catalog system to help ensure students are guided to degree completion and pathway success.
  • Designing Quality Curriculum and Processes―This engagement specifically supports institutions interested in establishing a process for backwards design and curriculum design while using instructional design techniques and institutional processes supported by software. It is relevant to colleges and universities in the process of creating and/or revising curriculum or evaluating the need for pathway creation.
  • Accreditation and Compliance―This engagement is designed to support institutions that have recently experienced or are anticipating an accreditation visit and are looking to establish sustainable accreditation practices supported by software solutions. eLumen provides trusted consultants who walk the college or university through best practices to make assessment, program review, and curriculum mapping data sufficient and stable for accreditation and compliance.

Supporting Technology Implementation and Review

  • Strategic Academic Technology Review―Institutions often benefit from an outside review of their academic technology solutions before considering engaging in additional software implementations. Through this process, eLumen evaluates schools’ existing and planned academic technology platforms, consults on current strategies, ensures alignment with current academic solutions, and identifies potential overlap and/or gaps in existing and planned academic technology solutions.
  • Adoption Management―This solution assists faculty and staff in the change and adoption processes once eLumen is introduced. As shifts in campus culture take shape, institutions benefit by defining the extent and scope of change alongside an expert guide
  • Health Check―This process supports institutions who have implemented eLumen and are ready to review how well implementation has gone, the product alignments with strategic goals of the institution, and intended use of the product and best practices. It is tailored to help colleges and universities scrutinize specific aspects of how they are using eLumen, the culture of assessing academic performance, and to undertake forms of analysis.

eLumen also offers custom services, available to any institution with a specific need that can be addressed through guided educational expertise and knowledge practice. In these engagements, eLumen collaborates with the college or university to determine goal alignment around core institutional needs. Institutions interested in learning more about eLumen professional services can visit

About eLumen
eLumen is the all-in-one platform that helps institutions of higher learning and all individual stakeholders to succeed on purpose. It enables colleges and universities to integrate their curriculum, assessment, and student success processes in a manageable fashion, within their operational capacity and under budget.

With individual and group progress toward learning goals made visible through an easy-to-navigate interface and simple charts and graphs, faculty and students get real-time comprehensive insights into academic progress and take control of the next steps toward growth. Institutions have all the data and functionality to demonstrate compliance and, more importantly, success, attracting new generations of learners who will thrive in school and pursue a fulfilling career path. Learn more at

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