Technology Firm ‘Crocus’ Launches to Grow Social Impact in Education

Education organizations turn to Crocus to create resilient data-driven ecosystems for social relevance

Crocus, a technology firm guiding social impact in education, today announced its formation as a result of UPD Consulting spinning off its Tech Group. Crocus works with state departments of education, K-12 school districts, colleges, universities, and educator preparation programs, as well as nonprofit organizations, to build resilience and capacity for change in how they use data to improve equitable outcomes.

As a Latina-owned technology firm, they prioritize making employment and subcontracting opportunities available to women and minorities. They remain committed to equity and social justice as leaders in the Ed-Fi, IMS Global and CEDS data standards communities and across the education interoperability movement.

“We’re the same group of professionals continuing work with our existing clients. We are centered on data use for social impact in education. We leverage our deep expertise in data, data use and technical solutions that build resilience into our clients’ ability to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions for teaching and learning,” said Ana Quintana, President & CEO of Crocus. “Crocus is a flower that embodies resilience—it blossoms in every season and it’s the first to emerge, regardless of circumstances. In this way, Crocus prepares our clients to persist and to flourish in whatever season lies ahead.”

“We appreciate Crocus’ ability to create the technical data conditions that are necessary for education organizations like ours to build resilience and grow through change – regardless of what the next change may be,” said Anne-Marie Hoxie, Chief Research Officer at the Relay Graduate School of Education. “The company’s holistic approach to technology and data will support our organization in meeting the needs of learners both today, and tomorrow.”

Crocus is dedicated to using data to accelerate the equity of opportunity for students, educators and stakeholders. They are deeply committed to diversity and the BIPOC community and is particularly interested in creating opportunities for girls and young women to succeed in science, technology, engineering and math. Crocus views equity as the ability to meet each individual with what they need to succeed. In the future, the firm intends to bring to market purpose-built technology products that address social challenges.

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About Crocus
Crocus is a Latina-owned technology firm that formed in January 2021 as a spin-off from UPD Consulting. Education organizations turn to them to leverage data to support social initiatives. Crocus builds resilient capacity in organizations to grow and respond to change as they strive to use data to embed equity into decision making and to maintain continuity of learning. They have an extensive record in enterprise data integration and systems management initiatives; they are recognized for their innovations in data management with educator preparation programs. The firm is deeply committed to diversity, equity, and social justice with a particular interest in creating opportunities for girls and young women to succeed in STEM careers. Crocus presently supports K-12, State, and higher education clients, advocates for implementing open data standards, such as Ed-Fi, IMS Global, and CEDS, and actively leads collaboration across the education interoperability movement. Learn more at

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