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Q Academy Kids Boosts Coding Skills of Children, Teens Worldwide, Launches Kids’ Projects Via Incubation Platform

The global e-learning market is poised for growth, especially post COVID-19. The size of North America’s e-learning market in particular is projected to reach US$135 billion by 2026, boosted by advancements in digital infrastructure in the United States and Canada, according to recent research.

Virtual classrooms, online learning, and vocational learning will all contribute to this growth. Companies are zeroing in on kids’ learning and development online, such that British Columbia-based Q Academy, a pioneer in tech-focused education in the region, has ventured into a kids’ coding and online learning platform through Q Academy Kids.

QA Kids caters to ages 6 to 18 years old, offering students one-on-one or group online classes on coding, Minecraft, graphic design, comic creation, 3D animation, digital marketing, and photography, among others. Designed with learning flexibility in mind, QA Kids enables parents to choose the courses and the schedule of classes best suited for their kids. It also makes available trial classes for free and prioritizes youth safety by making use of secure servers in its classes and a stringent vetting process in place for instructors as part of the site’s enhanced security features.

QA Kids also aims to help children’s web development and gaming projects take off through Learn to Launch, a unique launchpad for students’ own digital product, taking care of everything from ideation to distribution.

According to Zavosh Zaboliyan, the company’s Chief Growth Officer: “We are excited about our ‘Do it with you’ model for kids to learn, implement and launch their own ideas into the world. We want to serve as an incubation platform for the students’ coding, web development and gaming projects, may it be an app, website, artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, or an augmented reality video game. The sky’s the limit for kids to learn and have fun with equal opportunities.”

Zaboliyan harps on the custom design of every QA Kids program fit for every age group and learning goal, alongside the certification and technical support that comes with it. “We also offer single classes for kids who are just getting started or have different expectations from their education, such as finding job placement or being able to teach other kids. There’s a wide range of options and opportunities available to them,” he says.

With the growing need for real-time accessible training globally, Q Academy makes this timely shift from largely on-campus delivery to the addition of virtual delivery methods through QA Kids. It is known for delivering short-term training for individuals and corporate learners with a focus on upgrading their skills, offering in-person summer tech camps, after-school and professional development courses for kids in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia.

The technology behind QA Kids, according to Zaboliyan, is powerful enough to scale and reach large cohorts of learners globally and provide valuable resources to kids all around the world who may or may not have had the kind of technological access previously. 

Zaboliyan, a startup founder and investor who helped a payments platform scale in just under a year, also cites the “moral responsibility” of kids’ online platforms to keep the young ones safe from cyberbullying and other online threats as they increasingly use digital services. “Coding has helped children and teens cope from cyberbullying and other challenges, and it helps them develop not only hard skills but also soft skills to deal with and make sense of the world,” he says.

QA Kids has recently launched its website,, for parents and older children themselves to book a free class today.

Q Academy is managed by MSM Higher Ed, the education management segment of international education company M Square Media (MSM), that provides comprehensive campus management solutions to Canadian colleges with an expansion to transnational destinations.

About Q Academy

Q Academy is a pioneer in the delivery of technology-focused training for students and companies all over the world. From the design to the learning experience, its courses are specifically suited to the needs of each learner. Q Academy has created a unique space where students can enhance their skills and build on their resume. With campuses in Victoria and Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, it promotes industry-driven education through a comprehensive roster of courses in coding and web development, Microsoft, computer fundamentals, graphic design, and other digital programs.

About MSM Higher Ed

MSM Higher Ed offers education management solutions that create opportunities for students while building capacity for international student enrollment and new revenue streams for partner institutions. Through viable public-private partnerships (PPPs), licensing agreements, program pathways based on articulation arrangements and pan-national and transnational program delivery, it creates opportunities for students to earn career-oriented credentials preparing their career or academic advancement. MSM Higher Ed manages private institutions like Eton College Canada, Q College, Q Academy, Taylor Pro College, Extreme Pro Training, and College Multihexa and transnational education centres.

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