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For Back to School, Savvas Supports Educators and Students With Innovative Solutions to Maximize Personalized Learning

PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY — As students return to the classroom for the new school year, Savvas Learning Company is helping educators move learning forward with engaging, easy-to-use K-12 solutions that offer data-informed instruction and adaptive technology to take personalized learning to the next level.

“A one-size-fits-all instructional approach doesn’t work in a classroom where every student brings their own unique learning style. More than ever, personalized learning is critical in getting students engaged and motivated to learn and supporting academic growth,” said Bethlam Forsa, CEO of Savvas Learning Company. “Teachers know best how to personalize learning for their students. This is why Savvas delivers learning solutions that are powered by adaptive technology, enabling educators to easily tailor instruction to address each student’s learning needs, interests, and abilities.”

Whether delivered via visually engaging textbooks or powered by the most advanced digital technology on the award-winning Savvas Realize LMS, Savvas Learning Company’s rigorous, standards-aligned resources focus on putting the student at the center of learning. It does this by leveraging adaptive learning practices and interactive technology to provide dynamic, real-world learning experiences that foster greater student engagement.

“Savvas approaches learning as more than just absorbing content and curriculum,” Forsa continued. “It is about that aha! moment when a seemingly unintelligible math problem suddenly becomes understandable. It’s about creating immersive experiences to make history come alive, or using a pop song as a hook to make a 400-year-old Shakespeare play more relevant to students. These active learning experiences are key because we know that with increased engagement comes increased learning, and with increased learning comes greater opportunities for success.”

Data-Informed, Differentiated Instruction Made Easy

Savvas offers educators an easy, fast, and seamless way to assess learning needs and differentiate instruction for every student in the grade K-8 math and literacy classroom. Savvas screener and diagnostic assessment tools identify each student’s greatest opportunities for growth by pairing actionable data and targeted recommendations with personalized instructional content to help students master grade-level skills. Delivered on Savvas Realize and equipped with multistage adaptive technology, the Savvas Math Screener and Diagnostic Assessments (MSDA) and Savvas Literacy Screener and Diagnostic Assessments (LSDA) work directly with enVision Mathematics, myView Literacy, and myPerspectivesELA, the company’s core K-8 math and literacy curricula, to deliver customized instructional content and resources.

The screeners and diagnostic assessment tools also work with SuccessMaker, a proven-effective, continuously adaptive K-8 math and reading program that meets the highest efficacy rating (Tier 1 — “Strong Evidence”) under the Every Student Succeeds Act ( ESSA). When paired together, the combined solution delivers cutting-edge assessments, curriculum, and adaptive personalized learning all on one platform, providing an individualized pathway to success for each student.

Personalized Learning in Action

Leading the industry with personalized learning solutions that promote student engagement, Savvas offers many interactivities within its high-quality instructional content. These include: the award-winning Experience Chemistry and Experience Physics programs, which use an interactive learning model with a wealth of hands-on and virtual activities, such as inquiry labs, animations, simulations, and engineering workbenches, to reach every learner; and the Hook & Inspire feature spanning several Savvas product disciplines that piques students’ interest and inspires learning by incorporating relevant multimedia resources such as music, videos, and more to help connect students to what they are learning. 

Brand-new for this school year, Savvas is introducing Savvy Adaptive Practice for enVision Mathematics (3-12), which adapts to each student’s learning needs and offers the exact instruction and practice they need, at the moment they need it. Savvy tracks student proficiency against a set of pre-requisite skills, and adjusts in real-time, offering specific problems based on how a student performs. Like a tutor, Savvy provides instruction and videos when an error is made, delivering a personalized learning approach for all students.

Personalized Learning Experiences That Engage and Motivate Students

With a focus on project-based learning experiences and hands-on activities, Savvas continually looks for ways to help teachers meet students where they are and provide students choice in how they learn. Some of the innovative learning solutions that it has developed and enhanced for the coming school year include:

  • Savvas Essentials: Foundational Reading © 2023 is a new, blended K-2 supplemental program, aligned to the Science of Reading, that targets concepts of print, phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, and the teaching of high-frequency words. The easy-to-implement, three-step instructional routine includes explicit instruction and multisensory practice.
  • Savvas Now Literacy© 2023,a brand-new K-5 supplemental digital resource library built by literacy experts, lets teachers easily search for and find high-quality instructional content that addresses a wide range of learning needs, from foundational skills and vocabulary to comprehension to writing. Educators can request a free trial of Savvas Now Literacy at
  • Reading Spot is a curated collection of digital ebooks that instills a love of reading in K-5 students and encourages them to read more. Teachers can use Reading Spot with the entire class, during small group time, or for independent reading, allowing students to browse thousands of high-interest, popular, and culturally relevant books, with select titles available in Spanish.
  • Magruder’s American Government Interactive© 2023, the innovative new digital edition of the premier high school program, is designed to keep up with changing times. It’s the first high school program with continuously updated digital resources complementing a foundational textbook, keeping the content fresh with current events to help students discover how government is found in their everyday lives.
  • Civics Interactive© 2024 is a brand-new, all-digital program that’s designed to actively promote civic engagement for young adults in grades 6-12. The curriculum develops important civic competencies and life skills needed to become informed and responsible citizens.

Savvas Realize LMS Enhancements Designed with Teachers in Mind

Also new this school year, Savvas is rolling out major enhancements to the highly acclaimed Savvas Realize platform, which is recognized as one of the most innovative learning management systems in the industry. Through a collaborative effort with educators and designed with them in mind, Savvas is revamping the Realize platform user experience to include a more streamlined interface with faster grading workflows, improved classroom management tools, and greater integration with the edtech tools that schools use most.

“Savvas supports educators with the data-informed, differentiated instruction and integrated teaching resources they need to personalize learning and increase student achievement,” concluded Forsa. “Our solutions make learning engaging and exciting for students.”


At Savvas, we believe learning should inspire. By combining new ideas, new ways of thinking, and new ways of interacting, we design next-generation learning solutions that help prepare students to become global citizens in a more interconnected, digital world. To learn more, visit Savvas Learning Company. Savvas Learning Company’s products are available for sale in Canada through its subsidiary, Rubicon

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