Spring ISD Selects BenQ Boards for Classrooms

COSTA MESA, Calif. — BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of visual display and collaboration solutions, today announced the Spring Independent School District (ISD) in Houston has selected and installed almost 1,800 BenQ Boards in K-12 classrooms across the 45 schools in the district. Purchased as part of Spring ISD’s most recent school bond, the BenQ Boards were chosen over other smart board vendors because of the rich and forward-thinking feature set the BenQ Boards offer, including ease of use and flexibility for teachers, advanced learning tools for students, and free built-in remote management solutions for IT.

“When we invited the entire district to come in and test drive different smart boards, everyone voted nearly unanimously for the BenQ Board,” said Joe Holecek, Spring ISD’s manager of campus technology support. “They hit all our needs, from those of our teachers and students to our technology department. We’ve deployed half the BenQ Boards in our classrooms so far, and it’s been so positive that the other half can’t wait because they know how much the boards offer.”

Spring ISD Teachers Benefit From BenQ Board’s Tap ‘N Teach Technology
While preparing students for the future, the BenQ Boards are also designed to eliminate the steep learning curve and complicated tasks that typical smart boards can overburden teachers with. The teacher-friendly experience starts immediately at sign-in. The industry’s only germ-resistant BenQ Boards boast BenQ’s Tap ‘N Teach technology, which features one-tap NFC log-in to load lesson materials and interactive teaching apps, cloud storage, settings, and tools instantly and securely.

Teachers can use their BenQ Board as a whiteboard, display, computer, and wireless screen-sharing system thanks to BenQ’s license-free EZWrite 6 software. It’s packed with classroom tools for all subjects, including timers, rulers, protractors, compasses, and more. EZWrite 6 also lets educators save whiteboard sessions in the cloud, allowing them to continue giving lessons at a later date or allowing students to access lessons on any device and refer to them later. They can also open documents and image files directly on the whiteboard to facilitate discussions. To complement the experience, the split-screen windows function enables multiple applications to be opened side by side with no need to tap between content, making it even easier to conduct lessons and further comprehension. With the InstaShare wireless screen sharing capability, teachers can share their own laptop screens wirelessly as they move around the room or allow multiple students to share their device screens simultaneously. These built-in features provide teachers with much-needed flexibility to teach their own way.

Spring ISD Students Benefit From BenQ’s EZWrite 6 and InstaShare
In addition to tools that make teachers’ lives easier, the BenQ Boards feature tools that empower all students. EZWrite is packed with whiteboard features that boost participation. This includes a scalable whiteboard that can grow to any size project, split screen capabilities, text scanning, AI-powered text-to-speech and multilanguage support, and more. With InstaShare 2, students can share their thoughts to the screen no matter what device they’re using, with up to nine users able to share simultaneously. Together, EZWrite and InstaShare provide students with the necessary skills for the future of learning and the workforce; encourage creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking; and build student agency.

Spring ISD IT Staff Benefit From License-Free Software for Central Management
BenQ has long understood that IT and technology staff are instrumental in the maintenance and management of new EdTech. They need resources and tools that will help them maintain school technology and integrate with their chosen platforms without yearly fees. BenQ helps to streamline setup, maintenance, and monitoring with its subscription-free Device Management Solution (DMS), Account Management System (AMS), and Identity and Access Management (IAM). BenQ Boards also benefit from BenQ’s X-Sign Broadcast software, which turns any BenQ smart board in the school into broadcast signage and allows schools to keep everyone informed and up to date on events, safety protocols, and emergencies. As a result of these capabilities, schools can significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to register, set up, and maintain BenQ Boards across a district and use them much more flexibly and securely.

“Spring ISD’s selection of BenQ Boards underscores the robustness of our classroom solutions,” said Bob Wudeck, senior director of business development at BenQ Education. “With features like Tap ‘N Teach, EZWrite 6, InstaShare, and our IT solutions, educators and staff gain unparalleled flexibility, while students are empowered with tools for future success.”

More information on BenQ is available at www.BenQ.com/en-us/education.html.

About BenQ Education
BenQ Education is helping teachers shape the future of learning with interactive display solutions that maximize engagement in and out of the classroom while improving student performance. For over 10 years, BenQ has been the No. 1-selling TI DLP projector brand worldwide, according to Futuresource, and is one of the leading interactive display vendors in North America. The award-winning BenQ Board is the first and only interactive display to feature TÜV- and SIAA-certified germ-resistant screens, interfaces, and pens as part of its purpose-built ClassroomCare technologies designed for healthier classrooms. The BenQ Board RP03 Series has been recognized as the first smart board to achieve Eyesafe® Certification, the advanced blue light mitigation technology developed in concert with optometrists and ophthalmologists. Industry-recognized, BenQ’s Tap ‘N Teach technology for fast sign-on, EZWrite license-free annotation and whiteboard software, InstaShare wireless screen presentation system, and IT-friendly monitoring and management tools create exciting and intuitive active learning experiences. EZWrite 6 is also AWS Qualified, having passed Amazon Web Services (AWS) Foundational Technical Review (FTR), providing schools with assurance in security, reliability, and operational excellence. Educators can focus on giving lessons that leave an impact and give the leaders of tomorrow the tools they need to reach their maximum potential. The company’s products are available across North America through leading value-added distributors, resellers, and retailers. More information is available at www.BenQBoard.com.

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