STEM fields—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—are highly technical, which is one reason that the education system is changing to further incorporate these subjects into the curriculum.

As more and more fields require technical knowledge, it is a good idea to equip our young learners with basic STEM skills early on. With online schools, it is invaluable to start teaching these concepts at a young age, which is why STEM curriculum is now being introduced at the elementary level.

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Here are five reasons STEM courses should be included in online K-12 schooling.

1. Early exposure to STEM promotes digital literacy

Understanding technology is more important than ever. When children are exposed to STEM education in elementary school, they are getting a head start on being digitally literate. Children need to be well-versed in technology before they graduate from high school. For this reason, STEM education has been continuously evolving to fit current needs.

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Dr. Roger Billings is a scientist who is best known for inventing the hydrogen-powered automobile. More recently, Dr. Billings created the Acellus Learning System, which has helped millions of students to excel in math and science.