A new virtual field trip explores the history of Veterans Day and the importance of service

5 ways to teach students about Veterans Day

A new virtual field trip explores the history of Veterans Day and the importance of service

The history of Veterans Day is one of the most important we can share with our youth.  Learning about how our nation was shaped, the various perspectives that make our country whole, and the sacrifices made for our freedoms is important.

Sometimes as an educator, though, it can be hard to know how to bring up the importance of duty. We’re happy to share with you a new virtual field trip exploring the importance of service.  This unique virtual field trip called Voices of U.S. – Why We Serve is the first installment in a series that introduces students to the principles, people and perspectives that shape our nation, and inspire service.   

There are so many lessons around civic duty and service that are relevant in our classrooms today and digital resources, like the virtual field trip, can help bring these lessons to life. Five ways that teachers in grades K-8 can teach about the power of service include: 

1. Having students reflect their current circumstances in regards to service.  This reflection might take place individually, as a class or as an entire school.  A writing prompt might be:  How do you currently serve your community?  For younger students a prompt might be: How would you like to serve your community when you grow up?  Answers could be in the form of written responses, drawings, presentations, classroom bulletin board displays or something school wide. It’s a good way to bring the community together! 

2. Researching veterans and other professions that protect and serve communities – i.e. military personnel, firefighters, health care professionals or law enforcement individuals.  Having students do voice or video recordings of various professions in their community can be a rewarding experience for all involved.  Taking pictures, video or using other digital  formats to showcase and document what these civic professions do is a great way to bring these voices into your classroom. 

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