Edtech tools can prove invaluable to teachers who have limited time to juggle planning, teaching, and grading during the school year.

7 strategies to get teacher buy-in for new technology tools

Teacher buy-in carries a tremendous amount of weight when it comes to an edtech initiative's success--here's how to get it

Parent engagement is a driving factor behind any child’s success in school—but a nationwide survey of more than 1,000 teachers found that parents are often disengaged in their child’s learning journey. To harness edtech tools that can help school-home communication, it’s essential to first secure teacher buy-in.

More than half of the teachers surveyed believe parents do not understand the importance of their involvement in their child’s school experience, and they assume education is a teacher’s job–not a collaborative effort between parents and teachers.

As the district technology integrationist in a rural Title 1 district, I continually look for affordable and/or free edtech resources that will bridge the communication gap between teachers and parents. But those resources also require teacher buy-in.

Up until a few years ago, our district’s main communication line with parents was the traditional “old school” format. We would send countless paper copies of information home with students in their book bags at the end of the week, and those same papers were coming back the following week because parents weren’t checking their child’s backpacks regularly.

A drastic change in our communication efforts with parents needed to occur. After researching numerous platforms to help with parent-teacher engagement, I discovered ClassTag, a simple and free communication platform to address the problem of streamlining teacher and parent conversations.

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