Discovery Education updated its K-12 learning platform to offer new ways to immerse students in digital content at home or in the classroom.

Post-pandemic tools are focusing on engaging digital content for all learning scenarios

Discovery Education has added new features to its K-12 learning platform that offer new ways to immerse students in digital content

Engagement–whether students are hybrid or in person–is a top priority for educators, particularly after the rollercoaster year COVID delivered to schools. Another thing COVID made clear? The need for impactful edtech tools and digital content.

New updates to Discovery Education‘s K-12 learning platform combine engaging tools with timely, vetted, and easy-to-access content. The updates give educators and students new ways to seamlessly create learning activities each day.  

“Where we are really focusing is that we want to bring joy back to teachers’ lives,” said Jason Ediger, Discovery Education’s chief marketing officer. “There’s something magical around the way teachers are inherently creative; they want to connect with a student and give them that hook for understanding. They want to help them see the possibilities available to them in the world.” 

A key part of the update is the continued ability of the features and tools to meet the needs of in-person, hybrid, or remote learners.

“One thing we’ve been very cognizant of as we built the tools is it’s not just an online/hybrid learning tool,” Ediger said. “A teacher can design these experiences for all the kids who sit in front of them in the classroom. If these kids went back, if they had a hybrid situation, all of the same functionalities, features, quizzes, polling, can be real-time, asynchronous. We make sure that continuity of learning can continue in all environments.”

Among the enhancements are: 

A new, interactive Quiz tool. The platform’s new Quiz tool provides multiple ways for teachers to promote active learning in the classroom and track student progress in real-time. Various Quiz types include: 

  • Ask Live Quiz. Through Live Quiz, teachers can now spark lively classroom discussions by asking students questions live through virtual meeting solutions, like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams 
  • Standard Quiz. With Standard Quiz, teachers can check for understanding and student readiness through a range of question formats, from polling to open-end and multiple-choice to image annotation.   
  • Video-Based Quiz. Video-Based Quiz combines video from Discovery Education’s rich vault of high-quality content and embedded questions on the video viewing timeline to create highly engaging interactive learning experiences.  

In all modes, Quiz results display in real-time, empowering educators to gauge participation and correct responses, offer just-in-time feedback, and identify remediation needs.  

Laura Ascione

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