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How one district is channeling the Power of One for student success

Columbus City Schools is setting a course for the future with a new strategic plan for students, district employees, and stakeholders

The Columbus City Schools recently released a new Strategic Plan that details how we are going to achieve our mission over the next five years.  This plan is a new North Star for our district, guiding us as we work every day to ensure that all our students are highly educated, prepared for leadership and service, and empowered for success in a global community.

Our plan is called “The Power of One: Students Leading the Way.” It defines exactly how we are going to create our future – where every one of our CCS employees and every one of our partners and community stakeholders has a role to play in contributing to better student outcomes.

It is a plan to come together as one district to ensure every one of our students achieves their full potential. It is a plan that puts student achievement at the forefront, leading the way for our district’s future.

A key part of our plan is the Portrait of a Graduate. This is a set of six skill sets that all our graduates will have. They are: Adaptability, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Global Empathy, and Technology. Our graduates are tomorrow’s leaders and citizens. And, supporting their success is a critical task, not just for the school district, but for our entire community.

In fact, this plan is the result of the district engaging with and listening closely to hundreds of partners, colleagues, and community members. We deeply value all of the input we received, and it was the foundation we built our plan on.  Over the next five years, we have committed to achieving goals that are clearly articulated, and we have defined how we will keep ourselves accountable.

Our goals are to strengthen reading proficiency, close opportunity gaps, and develop portrait ready graduates. Each of those goals has a specific success metric – for example, we aim to close the opportunity gaps by increasing the graduation rate from 81 percent in August 2020 to 86 percent in August 2026. We have defined four strategic priorities, and under each priority, we have established three objectives. These objectives, priorities, goals and metrics are, together, a crystal-clear roadmap for Columbus City Schools to create the outcomes we want for our students.

Successful schools and highly educated graduates are a cornerstone for Columbus to continue to be the vibrant and growing city we all love. Our economic development and quality of life will improve as we reach our goals for better and better student outcomes. That is why creating this Strategic Plan and implementing it are so important.

It’s an ambitious plan. And one we are proud to embark upon. We know that achieving success is only possible with the support of our entire community, and we welcome your collaboration and contribution to our vision to be a world-class model of public education that prepares all students to reach their full potential. Please join us on this road to a very bright future.

Read the entire Columbus City Schools Strategic Plan at

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