What it’s like being a librarian in 2022, and how librarians provide students with access to resources they need to succeed

Modern students need modern librarians

What it’s like being a librarian in 2022, and how librarians provide students with access to resources they need to succeed

When you think of a school librarian, what comes to mind? Is it shelving, stamping, and shushing? That’s the stereotype you’re probably most familiar with.

Librarians are so much more than this, though. We’re the keepers of the information, the resource kids use to explore new lands through the turning of pages – but our role as librarians is one that has historically been misunderstood. Because as times have changed, technology has advanced, and student needs have evolved—so, too, has the role of the librarian.

Who is the modern librarian?

As librarians, our job is to not only give students and teachers access to resources they need to succeed, but to be their guide when choosing these resources. We work with teachers and administrators to create life-long learning patterns in students, whether that’s by curating resources for classroom research projects or by coming into the classroom to teach a lesson on how to do research themselves.

However, no matter how often we curate materials for these students, the larger lesson we impart to them is how to be conscious consumers of this information. Students today tend to think they know everything there is to know about the internet, and although it’s true that they’ve grown up with the technology that some of us are still getting used to, our job is to teach them to evaluate and analyze the at-times overwhelming amount of information that comes to them via their screens.

To be able to teach students these types of lessons, we first have to be able to connect with them. This is arguably the most important part of what it means to be a librarian in 2022. Kids have been virtual for so long that they need a mentor who will pay individual attention to them and listen to them on a one-to-one level. But for them to want to come to us, we have to create an inviting, safe space that fits their needs.

What does a modern library look like?

Building a space that students actually want to inhabit is imperative to facilitating their learning and curiosity when it comes to reading. In some cases, that means out with the stuffy, shush-filled library, and in with the coffee shop vibes. Because as long as a student simply enters the space – even if it’s just to hang out – that gives us the opportunity to make a connection with them.

When it comes to reading for pleasure, students have so many other competing interests available to them – movies, games, social media, and TV shows – that we need to aim to make it an attractive, conscious choice. As librarians, we can do this by offering a range of genres and formats for students to choose from: novels, comics, magazines, audiobooks, print, or digital.

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