Dean Transportation to treat all vehicles with MicrobeCare™ antimicrobial

For over 50 years, Dean has placed the safety of its passengers above all else, having a long history of advocacy for passenger safety. As students begin returning to school this fall, Dean Transportation has worked diligently to create safety protocols for staff and passengers that aim to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses. To augment regular disinfectant use, Dean has announced an industry-leading commitment to treat the more than 1,600 school buses it operates throughout the State of Michigan with MicrobeCare™. Application of MicrobeCare™ represents one of the first industry deployments of antimicrobial technology in school buses.

“As our education system returns to operation, our number one priority is the health of our passengers, our employees, and the general public. In response to COVID-19, we are enhancing our cleaning procedures and operating practices to suppress the spread of illness,” said Kellie P. Dean, President, and CEO of Dean Transportation. “Since June we have looked at various emerging technologies to increase safety and augment our regular use of a disinfectant. Our commitment to applying MicrobeCare™ on all Dean Transportation owned and operated school buses is about our student’s and staff’s health, safety, and support for our districts when they return to in-person instruction. Dean Transportation transports a high number of special education student passengers, many of whom rely on in-person education and services provided by our public education system. It is our mission to help them get back to school by increasing the health protections on our school buses.”

MicrobeCare™ is an antimicrobial with unique bonding technology that is long-lasting and effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, and yeast on surfaces. It is registered with the FDA and EPA as a safe and effective antimicrobial that will help reduce cross-contamination of dangerous microorganisms on surfaces to which it is applied. The product is often used in health care facilities and common public spaces. MicrobeCare™ has been shown to eliminate >99.99% of microorganisms on surfaces quickly. By continually combating and neutralizing microbial threats before they have an opportunity to grow and spread, the protection of MicrobeCare™ persists even in between cleanings and disinfection. The antimicrobial is applied by experienced application specialists using state-of-the-art electrostatic sprayers to ensure complete and total coverage of all surfaces.

“By utilizing a state-of-the-art electrostatic sprayer to apply MicrobeCare™, the negative charge of the ion allows the molecules in MicrobeCare™ to wrap around every surface throughout the school bus,” said MicrobeCare™ representative David Finney. “This ensures that frequently and infrequently touched parts of the vehicle have long-lasting anti-microbial protection. MicrobeCare™ is often used in health care, university campuses, and other general public facilities. Dean’s application of MicrobeCare™ deploys proven antimicrobial technology common in these types of facilities to the School Bus, an industry first, to provide protection even in between cleanings and disinfection.”

Application of MicrobeCare™ on Dean Transportation School Buses began on August 6th and is being completed over the coming weeks. A unique website has been created outlining Dean’s investment in MicrobeCare™ and its new Dean Clean Process. Visit to learn more.

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For more than 50 years, Dean has delivered its passengers across the state of Michigan with safety, compassion, and comfort in mind at every turn. No matter who you are or where you are going, we’ll get you there. Dean is the home of Dean Transportation and Dean Trailways. As Michigan’s most trusted and respected passenger transportation provider we believe in connecting people to their purpose through service and technology innovation; and by making our communities a better place to live, work, and learn.

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