Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School Selects InScribe Platform to Enhance Communication

Partnership Eases Engagement and Improves Communication Effectiveness and Transparency

InScribe, which delivers game-changing digital community solutions, today announced a partnership with Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School (GCVS), streamlining the way the school engages and communicates with parents and students. InScribe’s intelligent collaboration and community platform creates a centralized location for interaction, making it easy for everyone to connect and get the information and answers they need in a timely way.

“For a lot of parents, virtual schooling is unfamiliar territory, and we don’t want them to feel the distance. Rather we want them to feel connected and to be an integral part of their children’s education experience,” said Chris Moody, Director of Technology. “InScribe is redefining how we communicate, making it easier and more straightforward. Not only can we share information across our communities, but InScribe is helping us to be more effective and transparent in our interactions.”

From enrollment, onboarding, and orientation, throughout the educational journey, parents can easily access GCVS’ community to ask questions, find resources, get notifications, contribute to the group, and connect with other parents and educators. Parents can search for information, view questions and answers from other parents, and see the interactions and advice from parents who came before them, giving them the tools they need to better navigate the education process and support their children.

Additionally, InScribe’s Q&A communities create a space for students, faculty, and staff to work together throughout the learning lifecycle, asking questions, finding answers, and sharing resources. Students can search for commonly asked questions and benefit from answers shared by others. Plus they gain a support network where they can get the academic help they need from faculty and staff but also help each other and form bonds with their peers.

“GCVS has built a learning community and educational experience based on accessibility and flexibility,” said Katy Kappler, CEO of InScribe. “We are excited to partner with this forward-thinking school. Together we’ll leverage those same foundations in their communications with parents and students so they can engage in more meaningful interactions that are not just relevant to the person asking the question but to the larger group.”

About InScribe
InScribe is a digital student support platform that leverages the power of community and artificial intelligence to connect students with the answers, resources, and individuals they need to succeed. InScribe’s digital communities cut across the traditional support silos in higher education, giving students a single place to turn when they need help—no matter the topic or time of day. Students benefit from on-demand, peer-to-peer, and student-to-expert collaboration that helps them feel more connected, increasing student engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Learn more about InScribe at

About Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School
GCVS is an engaged, energetic community of students, families, and highly qualified certified teachers that stretches across the state of Massachusetts. Ours is a school for everyone, and we all work together to build a diverse community that is supportive and inclusive. We aim to supplement the educational programs offered by the traditional school districts, by working with them to provide unique programs that address the needs of students who learn better in non-traditional environments. Under the Massachusetts School Choice program, we offer students an alternative way to succeed academically and successfully prepare for life beyond K-12 education. Learn more about our tuition-free programs at

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