Canva Introduces Student-Safe AI Products, Customizable Lessons for Teachers, and Over 5,000 Free Classroom Resources to 50 Million Students and Teachers

SYDNEY Canva, the world’s only all-in-one visual communication platform, today announced the launch of a suite of K-12 education products as part of its Canva for Education platform, making it the first company to introduce AI-powered educational tools at scale.

The new suite of offerings  – which includes a range of AI tools, interactive lessons, and curriculum-supporting content – takes Canva from a classroom design tool to an end-to-end education platform capable of producing and teaching complete lessons with ease. The launch coincides with the company surpassing more than 50 million education users worldwide, a figure that has more than doubled in the last 12 months.

“Today marks the most significant leap forward in our journey with education to date. These new products evolve Canva from a classroom design tool to a comprehensive learning platform for students and educators,” said Cameron Adams, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Canva. “We’re incredibly excited to see how these tools help millions of teachers to supercharge their creativity, save time, and engage their students by embracing the best of what this new technology has to offer.”

Introducing Classroom Magic: A suite of groundbreaking AI learning tools
The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence unlocks a myriad of opportunities for teachers and students to supercharge their creativity, save time on mundane work, and unlock new ways of thinking in an increasingly digital world. However, Canva’s AI study revealed that most teachers (93%) don’t know where to start with these tools. That’s why today, Canva is introducing Classroom Magic – a suite of new artificial intelligence tools designed for the classroom with privacy, trust, and safety at the forefront.

These new tools empower teachers to effortlessly manage lesson planning, content editing, document reformatting, image and text editing, multilingual support, and accessibility. For students, the tools unlock new ways of starting first drafts, testing ideas, reformatting content, editing images, and bringing creativity to life in a visual world. Teachers now have free access to the full suite of Canva’s Magic Studio products, with a subset now available for students at the discretion of their school district. The new products include:

  • Magic Write: Save time drafting content by starting with a simple prompt. Generate lesson plans, summarize complex concepts, brainstorm ideas or rewrite content in seconds.
  • Magic Animate: Bring videos and presentations to life with seamless animations. Captivate the classroom by updating entire pages with eye-catching transitions, made possible with one click.
  • Magic Switch: Transform whiteboard brainstorms into documents or presentations with just a click, or turn a presentation into a website or video to suit different styles.
  • Magic Grab Images: Seamlessly create picture-perfect content with effortless editing. Select the subject of an image to edit, reposition or resize it.
  • Magic Grab Text: Gone are the days of manually rewriting a photo of the whiteboard. Instantly grab text out of photos of documents or screenshots to edit or use across other designs. 
  • Translate: Make teaching and learning easy in every language. Instantly convert designs into different languages with more than 100 options to pick from.
“As the technological revolution unfolds, classrooms worldwide need to meet the moment. With this launch, we’re both giving teachers the easy-to-use, all-in-one platform they want and preparing students for a world that is increasingly visual, and powered by AI,” said Jason Wilmot, Canva’s Head of Education. “We know that Canva’s tools are likely to be the first exposure to AI technology for many teachers and students–and that’s a responsibility we take seriously. We’re committed to being a truly safe partner to schools, teachers and students, now and in the future.”

Artificial Intelligence in Education Research Study 
Beyond the introduction of these new products, Canva also released the findings of its Artificial Intelligence in Education study which reveals how teachers feel about the proliferation of artificial intelligence and the impact in their classrooms.

The study, which surveyed 1,004 teachers in the United States, shows the majority to be enthusiastic and eager about the potential of incorporating this technology in the classroom, but remain unsure of where to start. Notable findings from the study include:

  • The majority of educators are enthusiastic about the rise of AI. 78% of teachers are eager to incorporate AI to supercharge lessons and cut down on administrative tasks.
  • Most educators aren’t sure where to start. 93% of educators admit to not knowing where to start with AI, highlighting the need for simple and accessible ways to harness this technology.
  • AI is solving for the overwhelming administrative burden. 56% of teachers appreciate AI for simplifying their lives by reducing administrative burdens in the classroom.
  • AI has immense potential for inclusive learning. 72% of respondents believe AI can help with language learning, and 67% see it as a tool for supporting universal accessibility, catering to individual student needs.

Introducing Canva’s Lesson Suite: Create and teach engaging lessons
Canva for Education has become a widely adopted tool in classrooms worldwide. Today, the platform is used by millions of students and teachers for everything from creating presentations to adding a creative flair to assignments. With the introduction of Canva’s new Lesson Suite, the company is offering a range of new tools designed to help teachers save hours of preparation by delivering creative, engaging, and interactive lessons directly within Canva. Lesson Suite includes:

  • Canva Lesson Builder: A tool that enables teachers to create truly customizable and fully sequenced lessons built to keep students engaged. 
  • Curricular Lessons: A range of ready-to-teach lessons designed to support the K-8 curriculum across Maths, Science, English and Art.
  • Future Skills Lessons: Created in collaboration with experts like NASA and the New York Times, Canva now offers a number of real-world courses to equip students with skills from financial literacy to AI. 
  • Canva Education Library: More than 5,000 new free classroom resources across Maths, Science, Art and Design curriculums. Teachers can browse lessons by grade, subject and topic.
  • Design Accessibility Checker: Instantly check the accessibility of presentations and videos to ensure it meets diverse learning needs. With one click, add automatic alt-text and adjust contrast.

Canva Shield – safe, private, and responsible artificial intelligence
Starting today, school districts will have the option of enabling student access to Canva’s Classroom Magic products while maintaining a strict level of oversight. With these launches, Canva is at the forefront of the safe integration of artificial intelligence in the classroom. Canva Shield creates a secure environment for students and educators to harness the power of AI with peace of mind.

Canva Shield encompasses several industry-leading safety measures. Ranging from a range of robust trust and safety features, reporting functionality, automatic content moderation, and the strict protection of student and teacher data – Canva is committed to setting a leading example for the safe and responsible introduction of this technology in classrooms around the world. The company is committed to not training its proprietary AI models on any education data. Canva Shield for the classroom also includes:

  • Advanced Educator Controls: School administrators can set permissions for access to AI tools.
  • Automatic Reviews: Automatic review of input prompts to prevent inappropriate material. 
  • Blocked Terms: Over 10 thousand words are blocked to ensure AI content is safe for school.
  • Reporting Options: The ability to report and block any potentially unwanted terms or content.

Students and teachers now make up a third of the Canva community
Since launching in 2019, Canva for Education has evolved into a holistic, end-to-end resource for educators. Canva firmly believes in leveling the playing field, ensuring that every classroom, regardless of its location or resources, has equal access to cutting-edge technology, completely free of charge. 

Canva is committed to closing the AI knowledge gap for teachers by launching a number of free resources and enablement materials to help teachers get the most out of this technology. Teachers have free access to Canva’s Design School resources, which has a suite of information on how to best use AI. 

Canva’s community of students and teachers has grown exponentially, soaring to 50 million, a figure that has more than doubled in the past year. The surge underscores the platform’s growing influence and adoption, reinforcing the proliferation of design and visual communication in classrooms around the world.  These new products, now empowering over 600,000 schools, are ushering in a new era and making education more accessible and engaging than ever before.

To learn more about all of the functionality included within these launches, visit the Canva Newsroom here.

About Canva

Launched in 2013, Canva is a free online visual communications and collaboration platform with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design. Featuring a simple drag-and-drop user interface and a vast range of templates ranging from presentations, documents, websites, social media graphics, posters, apparel to videos, plus a huge library of fonts, stock photography, illustrations, video footage, and audio clips, anyone can take an idea and create something beautiful.

Canva for Education provides K-12 teachers and students free access to Canva’s full suite of visual communication tools, combined with extra features designed just for the classroom.

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