Gameplan Introduces 4 New Courses to Round Out Curriculum Offerings

NEW YORK – Gameplan, the leading esports education and management platform, has launched four new courses to help students and teachers explore all the opportunities esports has to offer.

The new courses include Esports Introduction, Game Development, Media Production, and Cybersecurity

  • Esports Introduction provides a comprehensive foundation in esports and gaming, introducing students to a wide range of esports careers and areas of interest. The course is designed to transform students from passive consumers to active participants in esports by helping them develop a well-rounded understanding of the industry to prepare for informed spectating, active community involvement, and rewarding careers. 
  • Game Development is a beginner-friendly course that promotes creativity, problem-solving, and design thinking as students learn to use industry-standard tools and skills to develop their own games. 
  • Media Production and Cybersecurity empower educators—even those with no prior esports experience—to teach technically complex skills in a robust way. The courses also provide students with skills and certification in these in-demand career fields.

“We’re incredibly grateful for the continued support and insightful feedback from our educators and students — they’re the heart of the Gameplan community,” said Alyson Vengoechea, head of content at Gameplan. “Today is a big day as we unveil our latest courses, meticulously crafted to meet ISTE and Next Generation Science Standards. These courses are a result of a collaboration between our content team and expert partners, and we’re thrilled to bring these diverse and engaging learning opportunities to schools around the world.”

All Gameplan curriculum is developed by its content team in collaboration with education, esports, and technology leaders with decades of experience. Experts from related industries who helped create these courses include the following:

  • The Esports Introduction course was created by the team of Laurynas Brovka, founder of esports organization Team Atlantis; Karl Ögland, a special education teacher and lifelong gamer, and Gameplan’s Vengoechea, an experienced curriculum developer and learning experience designer.
  • Steven Isaacs, who contributed to the Game Development course, is the education program manager at Epic Games, makers of Fornite and other popular games, as well as Cleverlike Studios.
  • Chris Aviles, who collaborated on the Media Production course, is a former teacher, founder of the Garden State Esports league, and product evangelist at Gameplan. 
  • Bryan Dickens, who helped create the Cybersecurity course, is a former behavioral profiler who now serves as chief commercial officer at Gameplan.

As the courses prepare students for college and careers, they also help schools by increasing student engagement and reducing chronic absenteeism. “Esports offers students community and belonging, the opportunity to engage in meaningful competition as a part of a team, and the chance to learn new skills for in-demand industries, all within the context of activities they are already passionate about,” said Aviles. “We’re honored to offer these courses, and invite educators and students to dive in and learn all that esports has to offer their school community.”

To learn more about Gameplan’s new courses, visit their respective pages at Esports Introduction, Game Development, Media Production, and Cybersecurity

​​About Gameplan

Gameplan is dedicated to enhancing education through esports, providing curricula and tools designed to increase student engagement, reduce chronic absenteeism, and prepare students for college and careers. Our content includes Unreal Engine courses, interactive media, and esports training that emphasizes health, nutrition, coaching, and more. While our curricula incorporate many interactive activities, teachers also have the freedom to craft their own lessons using these tools, offering unparalleled flexibility in lesson planning. Our goal is to empower educators to unlock their full potential and inspire students with cutting-edge technology and engaging content. Currently supporting over 750 schools and organizations, we actively seek out strategic partnerships to further solidify our leading role in the sector. Learn more at

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