The Best of CoSN 2024 

Highlights of the speakers, topics, and technologies showcased this year in Miami

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The Best of CoSN 2024 

Highlights of the speakers, topics, and technologies showcased this year in Miami. 

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Kevin Hogan
OK. Hello and welcome to the Innovation and Education Podcast where we explore the latest trends, technologies and ideas shaping the future of learning. I’m your host, Kevin Hogan. I’m content director for East School News and I’m glad you found us today. In this month’s episode, we’re diving into some of the takeaways from Cos in 2024. And look at the power of in person events in connecting with Ed Tech leaders. The Consortium for school Networking, or CoSN, is known for its annual conference that brings together Ed Tech leaders from around the globe. This year’s event marked a significant return to in person gatherings after our period of virtual conferences due to COVID. Held in Miami, the show was a testament to the value of face to face interactions in the tech space. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in thought provoking discussions. Network network with peers and explore the latest innovations first hand. I also was able to make my way to Versailles, the best Cuban restaurant on the planet. In my humble opinion. And while zoom has completely transformed the way I get to cover the ad tech space, virtually enabling me much more access to folks usually. Those in 2024 show prove there’s really nothing better than old-fashioned person on the street style interviews. For instance, listen to Tom Ryan, who won the CoSN Seymour Papert award this year. The award recognizes a cousin members lifelong contribution to technology and education. Goes and 1st presented the award in 2006 and it was later renamed the Seymour Papert Award in 2009. It’s only granted when a deserving member is identified by the organization and the award has only been presented 7 times, including the original award to Seymour Papert himself. Tom Ryan has been a key CoSN leader for more than 20 years, notably serving as CoSNs chair of the board. However, his influence extends well beyond his board service, particularly evident in his instrumental role in CoSN’s collaboration with the Council of Great City Schools on the K12 generative AI maturity tool. You know, at some point you’re going to hear AI, right? It was certainly the topic. As you were at the event and, well, deservedly, but listen to Thomas, he provides some detail on the work that they have done.

Tom Ryan
Think of this not as an artificial intelligence, but an augmented resource. So. How can this help me make better decisions about moving forward? How can it give me ideas about plans and opportunities? How can it help me to address challenge whether they’re equity or academic performance and literacy, and so using the tool that way, we’ve created prompts to help help the. The prompt will ask you questions. You answer the questions and you get a very customized response out of the GPT. So we’re doing that. We’re gonna pile it in four schools where we’re gonna have 1/2 day. Session with cabinet and start looking at what’s the impact and how do we start planning forward using the Council and costs and maturity rubber.
Kevin Hogan
In addition to the networking opportunities, cosine 24 featured A diverse lineup of keynote speakers, panel discussions, and hands on workshops from AI and education to digital equity. The conference covered a wide range of topics crucial to shaping the future of learning. I had the chance to speak with Jean Claude Brizard. He’s the president and CEO of digital promise. In between Sessions to talk some big picture. Digital promise is a global, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization focused on accelerating innovation and education. Jean Claude is a former senior adviser and deputy director in US programs at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, where he focused on pre-K to 16 education across 5 communities in four states have listened to where he was talking about in not only his chemo, but in other conversations throughout the week.

Jean Claude Brizard
Ohh So what I tell educators very often is please be crew and not passengers in the effort see what’s coming around the corner. Understand your attack so the philosophy and integration work and make sure you stay ahead of it. You know as one of my colleagues often say is what are you looking for in teaching and learning? What are your pinch points and make sure you find the technology solution. That’s going to help you propel your kids will get into what they want to get to, so I am bullish. I’m excited about what is happening in education. My only worry is that the folks. The leading are not leading when it comes to attack. They need to live with the attack. So your CTO, your chief Technology officer, needs to be on cabinet, needs to be sitting next to your chief academic officer and planning together in so many instances, you don’t see that if we’re to get that kind of coherence in school system, our system, we can then demand what we want from method companies and really propel. The work forward.

Kevin Hogan
Another highlight of CoSN 2024 was the Ed Tech Expo, where attendees had the chance to explore the latest products and solutions from leading vendors, from interactive whiteboards to virtual reality headsets, the Expos showcased the cutting edge technologies, driving innovation and education. Here’s Jennifer Wadlin from Acer as she outlines their company’s latest educate education efforts for me. Give us the lowdown. Why is Acer here CoSN 2024?

Jennifer Wadland
Thank you, Kevin. Acer is here showing off our line of rugged systems for students in K12 as well as teacher units, both on Windows and. Chrome, Acer has a great value proposition around the box. We have an e-learning program for students where it’s a 7 to 8 hour curriculum to give students a transferable skills when they graduate from high school and know how to fix and repair systems. We also work closely with schools to customize service. Plans we we don’t think it’s A1 size fits all. What works best for your district might not work well for another. So we’re open to customization and finding the best support plan for you. So durable devices, great support. I pre my support answers the phone within 15 seconds and then some additional services such as e-learning. So we’re here showing it all at cost in 2024.

Kevin Hogan
I think that perhaps the most significant take away from Cosen 24 for me was a sense of community that was fostered. It truly is like a high school reunion for Ed Tech nerds. In an increasingly digital world, these in person face to face interactions remind me of the power of human connection and collaboration. As we look ahead to the future of EDTA. Events like Cozine serve as a reminder of the importance of coming together as a community to share ideas, inspire innovation and Dr. positive change. So that’s all for this episode of Innovations in Education. If you want to hear more from my guest today, be sure to go to the innovations and education at where we have archived our full coverage. Join us next time as we continue to explore the ever-evolving landscape of learning. Until then, keep innovating and inspiring.

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Kevin Hogan

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