More than a passion project, literacy advocacy takes a village

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The most effective advocacy programs often begin with a personal passion to make a difference.

When former National School Library Program of the Year librarian Marge Cox retired, she began volunteering at Youth Haven, a shelter designed to help abused and neglected children and teens in Southwest Florida. “I got involved with Youth Haven after a former Collier County Public Schools employee contacted me and said Youth Haven needed my skill set,” Cox told me. “They had boxes of books that had been donated to them and wanted to create a library. I had retired at the end of the 2020 school year and had been praying for God to show me my next adventure.”…Read More

Loudoun County Public Schools Offers New Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources for Parents and Students

SALT LAKE CITY – The Cook Center for Human Connection, a nonprofit dedicated to mental health and suicide prevention, has partnered with Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) to provide to LCPS’ schools and families. Members of the LCPS community now have free access to a range of online mental health resources that empower families to help children thrive, including:

  • One-on-one parent coaching individualized for families;
  • Online on-demand lessons taught by licensed therapists; and
  • Live, interactive family mental health series webinars hosted by trained professionals – available in the fall of 2024;

“Talking about mental health and other concerns is the key to understanding,” says Jennifer Evans, M. Ed., LPC, Director of Student Mental Health Services at LCPS. “Through’s parent coaching and webinars, we are aiming to help parents address important mental health and developmental topics to support their children. Parents will gain tools and strategies that will enable them to talk with their children, engage in, and normalize important conversations about mental health.”

The Cook Center’s model focuses on the protective factors for youth mental health and suicide prevention in which schools and parents play a critical role. Though only two years old, has already been adopted by 229 districts and 3,617 schools, offering more than 2.4 million families access to services across 37 states.…Read More

5 tech, AI tools to enhance teacher team success

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Technology plays a crucial, and expanding, role in today’s schools. The availability of tech tools, including those with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, continues to grow – as do their potential applications in the classroom

Schools can also use tech and AI tools to enhance the success of teacher teams and professional learning communities (PLCs). When teacher teams set collective goals, their intended results – such as improved student outcomes – often occur in the classroom. But working toward their goals relies on effective peer-to-peer collaboration, which requires different skills and structures than classroom instruction. Technology is here to help bridge the gap.…Read More

Now Hear This—The Future of Classroom Audio Systems

One of the biggest announcements out of FETC24 this year involved Lightspeed, the leading provider of instructional audio solutions that create equal access to learning, and their launch of Cascadia—a networked instructional audio platform that not only projects the teacher’s voice within the classroom but also empowers teachers to call for help and communicate outside of the classroom directly from their lanyard microphone.

I had a conversation with Tony Zeikle, Senior Vice President of Revenue at Lightspeed Technologies, Inc. about the features of the new product, its integration with existing school systems like phone networks and paging solutions, and its potential benefits for teachers and students, especially in light of challenges posed by the pandemic. We also touch upon the evolving landscape of educational technology, including the role of audio in augmented reality, virtual reality, and language learning. Have a listen:

More details about the launch:…Read More

95 Percent Group Announces Acquisition of Morpheme Magic

Lincolnshire, IL & Boise, ID – 95 Percent Group LLC, the trusted source for comprehensive, proven literacy solutions, today announced the acquisition of Morpheme Magic, a company founded by Deborah R. Glaser, Ed.D., to help learners build morphological awareness. Morphological awareness is the ability to recognize, understand and use the units of meaning that make up words, helping build student reading comprehension skills.

“Morphological awareness plays an important role in helping learners decode, build reading fluency and comprehension skills, and develop a strong vocabulary. Research shows that morphological awareness is a strong contributor to reading proficiency,” said Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, 95 Percent Group. “The resources that Dr. Glaser created for Morpheme Magic provide teachers with the tools they need to enhance student growth in this important area of literacy skill development.”

Morpheme Magic’s two supplemental curriculum offerings are Morpheme Magic: Lessons to Build Morphological Awareness Grades 4-12 and Morphemes for Little Ones: Bringing the Magic of Language into K-3 Classrooms, complementing the morphology lessons included in 95 Percent Group’s flagship 95 Phonics Core Program®. Morpheme Magic: Lessons to Build Morphological Awareness for Grades 4-12 features 53 lessons, including assessments, covering suffixes, prefixes, roots, and Greek combining forms. Morphemes for Little Ones K-3 provides systematic, structured literacy lessons to help teachers teach morphological awareness appropriately to students.…Read More

How esports can help students in the classroom (no, seriously!)

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Ask most parents if their children’s school should start an esports team, and you’ll be met with reluctance. Video games? In the classroom? Absolutely not!

The reasons why pile up quickly. Some worry it could lead to their children spending less time on schoolwork and more time on screens. Others fear what their kids may wind up seeing and hearing in online gameplay. More than a few don’t even know what esports means.…Read More

What is the Role of AI in a Smart School?

Key points:

  • Investing in AI can help create smarter, more adaptive schools that inspire and empower the leaders of tomorrow
  • Learn about the role of AI in education
  • Discover more about why AI in education is essential for learning

AI in smart schools is revolutionizing traditional education by introducing innovative technologies to enhance learning experiences. From personalized learning to smart classrooms, AI in education is reshaping learning environments, creating dynamic and efficient spaces that cater to the diverse needs of students and educators in the digital age.

What is the role of AI in a smart school?

The role of AI in education, and in smart schools in particular, is paramount, ushering in a new era of efficient, adaptive, and personalized education. AI facilitates personalized learning experiences by analyzing student data, tailoring educational content to individual needs, and optimizing comprehension. Smart classrooms equipped with AI-driven technologies offer interactive learning experiences, where virtual tutors and educational apps provide real-time support, fostering student engagement and understanding.…Read More

How Does AI Help Teachers?

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AI in education is revolutionizing learning by becoming an invaluable aid to teachers. Beyond automation, AI enhances teaching with personalized support, content creation, and data-driven insights. Explore how AI is transforming the role of educators, offering innovative tools that amplify teaching effectiveness and cater to individual student needs.

How can AI help teachers?

AI tools for teachers can extend crucial support, going beyond mere automation to revolutionize the education landscape. Personalized learning assistance is a key aspect, as AI analyzes individual student data to provide tailored content and insights into learning preferences, aiding teachers in adapting their methods to meet diverse needs.…Read More

Can artificial intelligence help teachers improve?

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A network of small public high schools in New York City is exploring whether artificial intelligence can change the way teachers receive feedback about their classroom instruction.

Urban Assembly, a network of 21 schools, is working with the American Institutes of Research to develop an AI-powered tool that can help instructional coaches analyze videos of teachers delivering lessons and offer feedback, according to network leaders.…Read More