Pennsylvania School Reports Student Growth in Mathematics Despite National Trends

ST. PAUL, MINN. (PRWEB) — Sourcewell, a trusted advisor to education leaders, announces that  North Star Central Elementary School in Boswell, Pennsylvania—home to more than 350 pre-K–4 students—is seeing significant growth in students’ math scores, despite  national trends.

“At North Star, we are focused on improving the math skills of all of our students, not just those who need additional support and intervention,” said Renee Lepley, Principal at North Star Central Elementary School. “Thanks to the teamwork of our teachers and staff, we are building not just our students’ confidence in the classroom, but ensuring a strong foundation for success.”

At the end of 2022, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) released results on students’ reading and math performance nationwide. On average, fourth-grade students’ math scores decreased by five points, and eighth-grade students’ math scores decreased by eight points. Both averages marked the  largest score declines since the initial assessments in 1990—more than 30 years ago.…Read More

7 ways to make homework easier for students with autism

Homework can be challenging for all children, but for students with autism, it can be challenging. It is common for children with autism to have difficulties with executive functioning abilities, including planning, organization, and prioritization.

In addition, they may have issues with focus, language, and social skills, all of which can make homework time challenging for both the youngster and their parents. For those of you who are raising a neurodivergent child, here are some strategies to implement when assisting them with homework:

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How esports is creating scholarships, jobs, and school investments

Educational institutions in the United States have long promoted and prided themselves on their campus grounds, endowments, opportunities, and student achievements. Student life and athletics are also powerful messages and motivators for applicants, and can be the deciding factor when students are choosing between multiple institutions. Comprehensive esports programs effectively combine these two ideas, offering modern education and skills necessary to enter a growing industry while creating a new competitive team for the school to promote.

As a result of growing esports popularity and institutions’ recognition of its educational value, esports competitions have made their way into the hearts and minds of students and youths across the country. An increasing number of schools are launching esports clubs and competition teams as extracurricular activities that appeal to a broad range of students and can excite fans and viewers all over the world.

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Wayside Publishing and Nualang Partner for World Language Education

Freeport, Maine – Wayside Publishing announces the launch of Nualang within Learning Site®, Wayside’s digital learning platform. This pioneering collaboration brings advanced technology to the world language classroom, providing learners with opportunities to practice their listening and speaking skills in a safe, confidence-building environment.

“As Wayside Publishing grows, we continue to expand our range of creative and time-saving technologies for educators—ones that also provide students with engaging and supportive learning-enhancement tools,” says Wayside President Greg Greuel. “This partnership shows Wayside’s commitment to enhancing how we deliver products for the world languages education community. Initially, Nualang will be available for the readers connected to the EntreCulturas Companion Reader Edition, and we will continue to expand its availability for other languages and products.”

“We see immense potential with our partnership with Wayside Publishing. At Nualang, we take pride in our technological innovation. Our tools give Wayside the ability to bring content to life with digital conversation exercises that are linked to their products,” says Greg Cawley, CEO of Nualang. “Together, we provide an engaging and comprehensive language learning experience that seamlessly integrates with Wayside’s Learning Site® and reaches a wide audience of world languages educators and students.”…Read More

Introducing YouScience® Brightpath: A New Platform That Enables the Convergence of Education-to-Career to Better Prepare Students for Success in School and Life

AMERICAN FORK, Utah /PRNewswire/ —  YouScience®, the leading technology provider dedicated to solving the skills gap crisis for students and employers, announced today the launch of  YouScience ® Brightpath. This comprehensive education-to-career platform is designed to help students prepare for academic and career success. It uses decades of research and a proprietary artificial intelligence engine to deliver personalized education and career pathways.

Education leaders need innovative, proven solutions to make education more meaningful and provide students with the necessary support for their educational and career success. Recent   research has revealed that a staggering 75 percent of high school graduates do not feel confident or prepared enough to make decisions about college or their careers once they graduate. In addition, the troubling   nationwide high school dropout rate persists, and college  enrollment and retention rates are declining for our most vulnerable populations, further highlighting student disengagement.

At the same time, business and industry leaders are facing significant challenges in hiring a workforce that possesses the required skills, experience, and aptitude for today’s and tomorrow’s job roles. In fact, the threat of a talent shortage – which has tripled in the past 10 years – is estimated to reach a  total of 85.2 million by 2030.…Read More

How to help ESL students improve writing skills

Learning a new language is challenging, requiring a student to master four basic skills–listening, reading, speaking, and writing–from scratch. And it becomes even more challenging for ESL learners.

Not only do they learn a language but they also have to deal with other school subjects in it. And while listening and reading aren’t that difficult to conquer (both are passive skills about consuming the language, so they are easier for students to handle), active skills like speaking and writing are another thing:

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SEL is an educator essential

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is an approach to learning that focuses on the social and emotional skills necessary for students to succeed in school and life. SEL is not new, but it has recently gained momentum as more educators recognize the importance of teaching social and emotional skills.

With this new approach, schools focus on developing students’ social and emotional skills to help them succeed academically and socially. Emotional intelligence is the capacity to identify and manage one’s emotions and those of others, use emotional information in thinking, and understand the emotional significance of events.

What are the Benefits of SEL?…Read More

Envisioning the personalized edtech of tomorrow

Before the pandemic, the trend for more personalized, learner-centric experiences in education already existed—the resulting lockdowns merely accelerated digital transformation, which continues to gain momentum across industries.

Dubbed the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” our entire world is rapidly digitizing, which means jobs—and the knowledge and skills they require—are changing faster than ever. As a result, the half-life of the newest technology is shrinking rapidly, and the skills gap is widening with potentially detrimental effects.

Today’s workers must continuously learn and evolve throughout their careers, making the need for upskilling and reskilling more vital. While technology continues to advance, a single degree or credential will not sustain the average worker, as today’s younger generations switch jobs and industries far more than their parents and grandparents did.…Read More