Flinn Scientific Launches New Solutions to Support Hands-on Science in Any Learning Environment

360Science™ and Science2Go help students learn important scientific concepts in a safe, effective, and engaging way

Flinn Scientific, a flagship provider of science lab materials and safety and STEM solutions for the K-16 education market, is launching two new solutions – 360Science™ and Science2Go – to support hands-on learning this coming school year. Now, regardless if learning is taking place in a virtual, hybrid, or in-person environment, educators will have the resources needed to teach students about important scientific concepts and phenomena in a safe, effective, and engaging way.

“Even though in-person learning was halted this spring, Flinn has been busy developing new hands-on learning programs for this coming school year,” said Mike Lavelle, CEO of Flinn Scientific. “We saw the need for programs tailored to both in-person and remote learning and created 360Science and Science2Go, respectively, to meet this need. These complementary offerings will help teachers deliver engaging science education no matter where teaching and learning is taking place.”

Designed for in-classroom learning, 360Science is a customizable program that provides high school teachers with 200 easily-modified, hands-on biology, chemistry, and environmental science labs along with complementary digital content. The program, which is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and other state science standards, features a unique instructional approach in which students begin each class with an inquiry-based lab.

The accompanying digital content includes assessments, videos, virtual reality (VR) clips, and simulation activities. This content is designed to increase students’ lab confidence, help them get a truer understanding of science at the molecular level, and enhance the overall learning experience.

All of the labs – including short on-time inquiry labs, guided inquiry labs, open inquiry labs, and advanced inquiry labs – can be customized based on students’ skill sets and feature adaptable print and online instructions. Teachers are also provided with Flinn’s online safety course and guidelines to ensure proper lab protocol is followed, as well as access to a teacher dashboard for classroom management and rostering.

As a counterpart to 360Science, 360Science Storylines provides the tools needed to help students develop a clear understanding of a phenomenon. Each of the 16 Storylines includes a series of three to seven different 360Science labs along with materials to tie the labs together. Materials include an implementation guide, daily planner, driving question template, four versions of each lab activity, and videos to help students perform unfamiliar techniques and make real-world connections.

The complementary Science2Go program is a digital learning solution that combines videos focused on lab techniques and data collection with downloadable, editable worksheets intentionally designed to engage middle and high school students in science and engineering practices. The program, which is also aligned to NGSS and state science standards, allows students to engage in scientific discovery without access to supplies or equipment thus making it an ideal solution for both in-classroom and remote learning.

“Science2Go was born out of Flinn’s free Live Lab Series which helped teachers and students continue lab experiences during COVID-19 school closures,” said Lavelle. “We used teacher feedback from these sessions to guide the creation of this new remote solution which can be used across numerous science disciplines.”

Science2Go can be used in numerous ways. For example, for in-person learning, it can be used as a supplemental, pre-lab activity for students to complete in preparation for each 360Science lab or it can be used as a standalone activity to provide students with a hands-on experience even when there are no hands-on materials available because of social distancing measures. For hybrid learning, it can be used on days where students are at home so they can prepare for in-person labs on the days they return to school.

360Science and Science2Go join Flinn’s family of science education solutions, including WhiteBox Learning, Digital Dissections, FlinnPREP™, and more. FlinnPREP specifically was recently updated with new teacher reporting features and new inquiry labs to support students in AP Physics and AP Environmental Science.

To learn more about Flinn’s solutions, visit www.flinnsci.com.

About Flinn Scientific

Flinn Scientific supports STEM/STEAM educators in opening young minds to the challenges and joys of scientific discovery and the design thinking process. The leader in science education and lab supplies and safety, Flinn Scientific also provides learning systems and professional development that incorporate differentiated digital experiences with hands-on learning grounded in the real-world to help all students think critically, explore like scientists and engineers, and solve problems creatively so they are ready for college and careers in an increasingly technology-driven world.

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