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ManagedMethods Launches Google Classroom Monitoring & Reporting

ManagedMethods, a leading Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Microsoft 365 cybersecurity, student safety and compliance platform for K-12 school districts, today announced the launch of its new Google Classroom monitoring and reporting features. District IT teams now have the ability to track Google Classroom from the same cybersecurity and student safety platform that monitors their other G Suite for Education applications.

“K-12 education is undergoing a major shift as students and teachers begin the school year in remote or hybrid learning environments. For IT admins, this is creating new technology, access, and security challenges,” said Charlie Sander, Chief Executive Officer at ManagedMethods. “Our new Google Classroom features will give IT teams the visibility and control needed to support teachers during these challenging times, while protecting students when learning remotely.”

District IT administrators now have access to the following Google Classroom monitoring and reporting features—from one easy-to-use platform:

  • Access: Easily identify Classroom access from unauthorized countries, regions, and IP addresses and take remedial action.
  • Announcements: Automatically scan Classroom announcements for student safety risks, including cyberbullying, self-harm, inappropriate and explicit content, and personally identifiable information.
  • Attendance: View students not enrolled in assigned Classrooms and students enrolled in Classrooms they shouldn’t be in.
  • Audits: Compile reports of all Classrooms in your G Suite environment, who created them, and view both active and archived Classrooms.
  • Ownership: Quickly see who is the owner of a Classroom and easily transfer ownership to a new teacher or administrator.

Districts are still responsible for complying with regulations, including FERPA, COPPA, and CIPA, when students are connecting remotely. These regulations cover communications and access to the content stored on these school-provided applications, including G Suite, in addition to student internet access.

The launch of ManagedMethods’ Google Classroom features follows the recent announcement of the company’s Google Meet monitoring and reporting capabilities. With ManagedMethods, IT administrators can monitor which Google Meet sessions students have joined, create Meet attendance reports for teachers to use, and view any Meet sessions with no teacher or administrator in attendance.

To learn more about ManagedMethods, the company’s cybersecurity, student safety and compliance platform, and how it helps protect hybrid learning, please visit

About ManagedMethods

ManagedMethods is the leading Google G Suite and Microsoft 365 cybersecurity, student safety, and compliance platform for K-12 school districts. The platform monitors district G Suite and Microsoft 365, including Gmail and Outlook 365, 24/7/365 and provides award-winning cloud security that empowers school districts with full visibility and control of the data being stored.

ManagedMethods makes G Suite and Microsoft 365 security easy — no proxy, no agent, no extension and no special training needed. The platform helps school districts secure sensitive student, staff, and district data using machine learning-powered threat protection against malware and phishing schemes, and detects abnormal behavior to prevent account takeovers and the loss of sensitive district data. It also monitors for student safety signals, such as cyberbullying, self-harm, racial and LGBTQ discrimination, threats of violence, and domestic abuse in both text and image content.

ManagedMethods is the K-12 education industry’s only G Suite and Microsoft 365 cybersecurity and student safety platform that can be deployed in minutes with no special training and zero impact on users or network speed. For more information, please visit

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