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Deledao announces innovative Zoom and Meet bombing solution

New feature helps safeguard distance and hybrid learning from inappropriate image and video intrusion

Providing added safety measures and control of K12 distance and hybrid learning instructional models, Silicon Valley based-Deledao (, has announced a powerful new feature to its industry-recognized AI filtering capabilities.  With this feature, school districts and parents will now be able to safeguard online instruction occurring via videoconferencing platforms by mitigating bombing of pornographic and related inappropriate images and video.

“I have a young daughter that’s in distance learning right now. I found out that some of her friends were sharing their screen on Zoom for websites that she wasn’t allowed to go to,” said Shuang Ji, co-founder and CEO of Deledao. “We know Zoom Bombing happens so thankfully this time was harmless, but what if? That’s what we’re all worried about. What if?”

Deledao’s bombing mitigation:

  • Analyzes pornographic and inappropriate video and images that may be bombed or shared by Zoom or Meet users via webcam, screen sharing, IM/chat, Google Docs or similar files.
  • Identifies pornographic and inappropriate pictures to blur them in real time.
  • Detects inappropriate video frames in real time, blurring and muting the video until the inappropriate scene is over.

Issues involving inappropriate images and videos being bombed into K12 student distance learning classes have been well-documented since many schools were forced to move to an iteration of remote learning.  This safety feature provides added security measures for school administration and instructional staff currently struggling with methods of ensuring student distance learning instructional time remains uninterrupted from intrusion by uninvited bombers.

Co-founding Deledao in 2018, Ji is no stranger to this segment of the technology market.  As co-inventor of proxy scanning and filtering technology in 1996, his work led to the creation of the first network filtering product on the market, InterScan.  With slight modifications that have been made in the two decades since, this technology still serves as the base for many filtering applications to this day.  Created for a ‘90s internet comprised of coherent, organization-owned content, this technology simply wasn’t built for today’s internet, rendering it ineffective in protecting children on a web that finds user-generated, social media and dynamic infinite-scrolling content pages commonplace.

“The internet of today is not like the internet back in the ’90s,” said Ji. “People can upload and share anything online these days and our children are paying the price. No one could’ve predicted the pandemic and the resulting transition to distance learning. The dangers have changed and we have to adapt our response accordingly.”

For more information on Deledao’s bombing mitigation feature for schools, contact Deledao for a demo (

For further commentary on Deledao’s release of this new feature, contact Deledao’s press team.

About Deledao 

Deledao is a digital wellness company providing browser-based filtering solutions for home and school. Deledao Family provides internet management and filtering for parent-owned devices.  Deledao Education is a browser-based content filtering solution focused on digital wellness and student privacy. Deledao’s AI-powered, cloud-based technology screens through each webpage in real time to analyze text, images, and videos. It works on Chromebooks, Windows, Mac OS, mobile devices and tablets. Through the real time analysis of each page as it renders in the browser, Deledao Education provides powerful filtering for on and off campus learners.

Among other features, Deledao Education:

  • Supports district leadership responsible for monitoring student wellness and mental health by applying its AI technology to monitor student web and email activity for signs a student may be in need of help.
  • Embeds anti-tracking technology to protect student privacy. Deledao Education shields students’ online activities from third parties.
  • Fosters parental engagement by providing parents with a Parent Portal providing granular at-home policy settings and full visibility into their child’s internet activity on school-owned devices.
  • Parents can also download Deledao Family ( to monitor and protect their child on home-owned devices.

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