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BOOKR Kids Enters US Educational Market With BOOKR CLASS Next Generation ESL Learning App For Classrooms And Families

Global Producer Of Digital Educational Curriculum Tools Introduces Innovative And Fully Interactive English As A Second Language Multimedia Digital Tool For Children K-8

BUDAPEST/LOS ANGELES (October 1, 2021) – An acclaimed and multi award-winning English As A Second Language (ESL)appin daily use with over 20,000 classrooms across Europe is launching in the US.  Produced and distributed worldwide by Budapest-based EdTec leader BOOKR Kids ( For Schools – BOOKR Kids) BOOKR Class combines original animation, music, interactive games, storytelling, animated flash cards with 4,000 words and a vast library of children’s books from prestigious publishers including Oxford University Press, Albert Whitman & Company and Blue Apple Publishing to deliver a first-of-its-kind ESL tool for both classroom and home use.

According to BOOKR Kids Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dorka Horvath, BOOKR Class underscores the unique effectiveness of ability digital media as ESL learning tools for the classroom.  “The digital world is constantly evolving, and students nowadays are constantly connected to digital media. Thanks to these many digital stimuli, their stimulus thresholds have risen, making it an increasing challenge for teachers to arouse their students’ interest and maintain their attention. Immersive and interactive, digital learning tools can encourage new levels of creativity and concentration in the classroom,” said Horvath. BOOKR Class presents storybooks in a highly engaging format to focus on reading in English.  Contemporary children’s literature combined with the use of advanced digital technology allows unprecedented opportunity for interactivity and engagement.  “Experiential learning is the future of education.  Children have always been naturally curious and motivated by interactive activities, making them perfect partners for digital educational platforms. Experiential learning can induce curiosity and excitement, creating a dynamic learning environment that engages children by tapping into their natural abilities.”

Organized in multiple levels that specifically address all age groups from kindergarten through eighth grade, BOOKR Classutilizes Accidental Learning as a basis for its comprehensive approach to teaching English.  A burgeoning new category of instruction, Accidental Learning occurs when the student is immersed in a range of activities and experiences outside of the scope of traditional instruction that leads to learning.  BOOKR Class promotes learning English vocabulary and structure as a by-product of enjoying the app’s diverse interactive elements.  To continuously measure each child’s reading ability, BOOKR Classemploys Lexile® Framework for Reading learning measurement technology. 

The app also breaks new ground with its inclusion of flash cards powered by AI-based speech analysis that enables kids to practice pronunciation and receive instant feedback. 

For the classroom, BOOKR Classprovides teachers with a complete Teacher’s Dashboard that can monitor progress and help design custom sessions.  Designed for total flexibility, BOOKR Class presents more than 100 lesson plans, activity tips, printables and a corresponding search engine providing teachers with instant access to the most thematically appropriate supplementary lessons for their class. 

BOOKR Class inspire even the youngest users to learn different types and levels of both verbal and visual language.  Empirical research with the participation of 1,000 students conducted in 2020 by the Ministry of Education in Hungary in partnership with Eötvös Loránd University, University of Szeged, and Corvinus University has shown that BOOKR Kids‘ interactive tools can sustain the attention of the student in the long run and can be successfully incorporated into the process of child-rearing, education, and self-improvement.

  • Students working with BOOKR interactive tools were, on average, 15-20% more successful in various aspects of reading and comprehension than those reading from print books only.
  • Multimedia elements that appear automatically improve children’s reading comprehension and word learning (especially for at-risk children).
  • Nonverbal information clarifies the abstract language of the story.
  • Disadvantaged groups of children can be even more open to these benefits
  • BOOKR digital tools promote improved recall with the help of animated vs static illustrations (children recalled more content words and more story points)
  • Animated elementsattract children’s attention and contribute to children’s comprehension.

“The impact of new technological mediums on young students is indisputable.  As a result, it has become imperative that educators make full use of today’s mediums to engage and encourage growing children.  BOOKR Classis designed to meet 21st Century educational strategies promoted by top child development experts and educational leaders through an unprecedented combination of multimedia features designed to supplement traditional lessons,” said Horvath. 

About BOOKR Kids:

Launched in Budapest in 2015 by co-founders Dorka Horvath and Dani Karanyi, BOOKR Kids creates a wide array of interactive eBooks aimed at enhancing the literacy, social and cognitive skills of growing children. The ed-tech company is fast becoming globally recognized for its innovativeapplication of animation, narration, text highlighting and games to immerse young students in a world of fun, adventure and discovery to help develop literacy skills and instill a love for reading.  In addition to developing its own original award-winning digital learning tools for the classroom, BOOKR Kids has emerged as a top global creative production resource for book publishers and educational companies seeking to create their own digital curriculum materials, from apps to full-scale digital learning platforms.  BOOKR Kids is also responsible for the BOOKR Class Digital Textbook, a breakthrough educational tool that delivers a comprehensive multimedia approach to English As A Second Language (ESL) instruction.

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