A word cloud of mindfulness

Transform your staff lounge to support teacher wellbeing

Providing peace corners help teachers practice mindfulness

Step 2:
Find an open, unoccupied space or a designated area in a teachers’ lounge or conference room that can be transformed into a calming space for teachers.

Step 3:
Once you have your designated space and have communicated with your staff, you can begin building your peace corner. You may want to include essential oils and oil diffusers, teas and nutritious snacks, comfy rugs, motivational posters, a dry erase board for personal messages, sensory items for adults, a sound machine, and plants. After this, your staff peace corner is ready for its debut!

A final takeaway

Not every member of your staff will utilize the peace corner. However, many will appreciate the option of having a space that is dedicated to supporting their emotional and mental needs. Teacher stress has a direct impact on school climate. Even if only for a few minutes each day, teachers can utilize this space as a way to refocus, recharge, and leave with a renewed sense of energy that will stay with them throughout the day.

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