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5 tips for using live video in the classroom

Use these live video ideas to better connect with experts, parents, and even students

Let’s face it — we live in a very visually oriented society. Visual media is a great way to communicate, with a lot of positive applications in the classroom. Videos are attention-getters. One of the major benefits, in fact, is that everybody is familiar with video chat, thanks to smart phones and online media. It has fostered a new movement in education, led by organizations like The Global Classroom Project, to connect schools all around the globe.

New video technology is making the video chat option much more flexible and practical, too. A good mix of graphics, video chat, and interactions can deliver excellent educational values. This allows for far better discussion and communications opportunities.

Here are a few ways that you can use live video effectively in the classroom:

Expert guest speakers

A good selection of guest speakers for live video is another major asset. Experienced speakers are excellent presenters. They can bring a subject to life very easily, and handle questions very effectively.

Expect also to be astonished by the range of guest speakers it is possible to bring into your classroom. It may take a little planning, but if you approach potential guest speakers through parent organizations, like NASA, colleges or community-based organizations like the Museum of Tolerance, you can actually get world-class speakers.

For academic guest speakers, it’s a good idea to refer directly to their current college for help. The colleges will be able to assist directly with your needs, and are very helpful in arranging guest speakers.

Video Tours and Virtual Education

These options are among the very latest, and perhaps the most important of developments in education. Video tours allow classes to go around the world and cover a phenomenal range of subjects.

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