8 ways to improve your digital teaching

When good digital teaching means good digital learning

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digital-teachingWe all remember that one dedicated teacher from our early years. While they might not have had access to the same technology we do, they brought the world to us with images, stories, and play-pretend. They likely would’ve been one of the first to Skype with amazing people across the globe, competitively Kahoot, or have us build word clouds to help us learn vocabulary. They were full of life and encouraged us to find our personality.

In short, they were great teachers. Good teaching is the result of the conscious engagement between the teacher and the students, in an environment fostering inquiry, discovery, and creation. Good teaching is what makes digital age environments meaningful to students. Good pedagogy is the key to learning, regardless of the tool.

We know so many amazing teachers who have evolved their practice and are using technology with an unbelievable ease. What makes them so successful? And how can we all become champions of this new teaching style?

Like any learning, transitioning from traditional to digital needs a base of knowledge, a curiosity for discovery, and the flexibility to try new things. To take the first steps toward good digital teaching, one must understand:

  1. The type of learning that they want to take place in the classroom
  2. The students’ interests
  3. The students’ struggles
  4. The level of digital literacy among the students
  5. Where to find digital citizenship resources
  6. Who among their peers (local or online) can become a model, mentor, or even teacher
  7. Where to start

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