The new way to create flipped video in 60 seconds without adding software

Use PowerPoint to make tutorial videos for flipped or blended learning

Time strapped teachers need support—we all know this. Now there is a quick and easy way to create even more flexible video tutorials for your blended or flipped learning classes. The tutorials can then be watched over and over. Best of all, this solution uses PowerPoint, which many teachers are already comfortable with.

Previously I’ve outlined how to create Khan Academy-style video tutorials quickly and easily (using Office Snip) in a recent article. Those tutorials had a static background. “Active” (changing) backgrounds are also possible as they allow the teacher to record anything that is visible on a computer screen.

Simple and easy

While software and apps that allow screen recording have been available for some time, the solution outlined here is part of an environment that most teachers are already comfortable with and is very easy to use.

Office Mix, a free add-in for Office 2013 and 2016 on the Windows platform, simply adds an extra tab to PowerPoint.


The Office Mix tab (showing controls) in PowerPoint.

Screen recording

Only one part of this add-in to PowerPoint is required to produce more flexible Khan Academy style video tutorials. This is the “Screen Recording” component.

2_Office Mix Screen Recording Icon

The Screen Recording Icon.

Clicking on this icon allows the teacher to select an area of the screen to record. Anything that lies within this area of the screen is recorded. It could be a web page, a diagram that is annotated with digital ink, an explanation of a piece of text, a solution to a math problem, an explanation of a piece of art—virtually anything. Audio is recorded as well, allowing for fuller, richer explanations. This also makes the tutorial a “learning resource” that can be used independently by students.

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