Digital learning tools have proved themselves invaluable as classrooms across the globe made the abrupt change to online learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even now, as some schools have reopened physical classrooms in at least a limited capacity, digital learning tools that may have previously gone unused have retained their place on educators’ must-have lists.

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These tools and trends can boost student engagement and motivate students to immerse themselves in learning–but as with any tech-based instruction, the technology is just a tool. What really makes digital learning tools effective is a highly-qualified teacher who augments a lesson and links learning to real life.

Here are some easy and engaging digital learning tools to try in the physical, virtual, or hybrid classroom.

1. Tech Quest: Tech Quest is a new feature that delivers essential technology skills to K-8 students without teachers needing to manage classes. Every student that has a account is automatically assigned Tech Quest. Students just need to log in to their account at, Clever, or Classlink.

Laura Ascione
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