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6 ways school leaders can transform teaching

A new report offers insight and key recommendations to help bring about a 'new vision' for teaching and learning

U.S. education can migrate to a system that supports teaching, drives learning, and gives all students a strong foundation, according to a new report from the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future (NCTAF).

Key points

The new vision is one in which:

  • Teachers will have more agency and new roles and leadership opportunities and will, in turn, be supported by a system of aligned resources and supports
  • These efforts will be supported by a new shared accountability that encourages collaboration, use of data within a context of continuous improvement, and teacher-led professional learning

The Commission also issued a call to collective action to mobilize policymakers, teachers, parents, students, and the broader community around this new vision.

What Matters Now makes a case for changes to the current education system in order to educate all students well. By documenting systemic issues, such as teacher turnover and a burgeoning student achievement gap, the Commission points out that there is new knowledge and research that supports developing a system that is more flexible, innovative, and customized.

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