A security expert who collaborates with schools across the country identifies ways to improve school security and safety--and parents are key

6 things parents can do to boost school security efforts

A national security expert who collaborates with schools across the country identifies ways to improve campus safety and security--and parents play a vital role

3. Educate yourself on the security plans, procedures and technologies that are working well. Check other schools in your area to see their security protocols.

4. Get to know the law enforcement officials assigned to your child’s school. Find out when they are on campus and what their responsibilities include. Their police vehicle should be parked out front and visible. If your child’s school does not have a regularly assigned school resource officer (SRO), this is unacceptable, you must  work with the school principal, school superintendent and school board to make that happen.

5. Join other parents who may also be concerned about the security of their children. Become involved in the PTA or PTO and start a security committee if one does not already exist. Ask school officials to meet regularly with the group and report on security/safety incidents and continuing plans to keep the campus safe. Be an active participant by asking questions.

6. Do not keep firearms easily accessible in your home. If you have weapons in your home, make sure that they are kept locked and secured. Report a missing or stolen firearm to police immediately. Teach children respect for the devastation that can occur when weapons get into the wrong hands or are used improperly.

School administrators and teachers cannot be expected to solve the problems of school violence alone. Parents have to share the burden. By talking with their children, keeping informed, collaborating with other parents, school administrators and law enforcement officials, parents can play a vital role in keeping their children safe at school.

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